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Newsletter Articles From 2002

“Realizing the Small Firm Advantage” conference set for Valpo May 30 ­ June 1 By Stephen M. Terrell April 2002 Register now for the 2002 Midwest Solo & Small Firm Success Conference to be held May 30, 31 and June 1 at Valparaiso University School of Law.
Recent amendments to the Illinois Supreme Court rules By Michele M. Jochner June 2002 In recent months, the Illinois Supreme Court has made significant amendments to several of its rules.
Revocation of wills: intent is not enough By Donald A. LoBue March 2002 Cancellation and alteration of wills usually occurs without the benefit of legal advice. An individual wants to change his or her will and marks the original accordingly. Prior to seeing a lawyer, he or she dies.
Send in your nominations: Tradition of Excellence Award By Donald A. LoBue December 2002 It has been my privilege to be associated with the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section's Tradition of Excellence Award for the last few years.
Substitution of judge—supplemental update By Thomas F. Hartzell May 2002 In the January, 2002, issue of the General Practice Solo and Small Firm newsletter, I wrote an article concerning substitution of Judge.
Ten commandments for your practice By Patrick E. Ward August 2002 When I first began the practice of law in 1970, it was common for older attorneys and judges to impart their wisdom to us youngsters.
Touchy, touchy—substitution of judge By Thomas F. Hartzell January 2002 In many of the smaller counties there may be only one circuit judge who the attorneys appear before almost every time they have court business.
Trial pratice notes: civil jury instructions—an update and comments By Patrick J. Hitpas May 2002 If you are a lawyer who does not concentrate in personal injury cases, you may not have the opportunity to try jury trials on a regular basis.
What do you do if the jury asks about insurance? By G. Bradley Hantla December 2002 Assume the following factual situation: You have just completed a trial, and the case has been submitted to the jury.
Which beneficiaries pay estate taxes? By Donald A. LoBue August 2002 Do beneficiaries share the cost of estate taxes in amounts proportionate to their share of an estate? According to a recent third district opinion, In Re: Estate of Robert L. Maierhofer, deceased, Case No. 3-01-0428, this is frequently not the case.
You never know what evil lurks in the heart of…a juror By Matt Maloney August 2002 In the past two decades, numerous studies have been done (by almost everyone) on the thought processes of jurors.
The youth court option: now that’s a young prosecutor By Terrence M. Madsen May 2002 The scene in the Knox County courtroom is pretty much the same as at any routine juvenile proceeding ­ except that the prosecutor is fourteen, the defense "attorney" is sixteen and a "jury" of 13 ­ 17 year old are hearing evidence in aggravation and mitigation in anticipation of imposing a very real sentence.