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Newsletter Articles From 2004

Terry stops: the riddle of Fourth and Fifth Amendment jurisprudence By Patrick M. Kinnally September 2004 Benny Bogain has come to see you. Over the years, he has experienced a few problems with local law enforcement officers. A DUI, a battery charge, and most recently a minor ordinance violation for possessing a 12-pack in Lincoln Park.
The Tradition of Excellence Award By Michele M. Jochner January 2004 As we start a new calendar year (and also reach the half-way point of the bar year), I would like to take this opportunity to briefly update you with respect to some of the activities of the ISBA's General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section Council for the first six months of the 2003-2004 bar year.
Trusts for companion animals By Lin Hanson June 2004 Pet animals are a very important part of the lives of many people. Companion animals significantly improve the lives of individuals with disabilities, such as "seeing eye" dogs for the visually impaired, and dogs used to "fetch" for physically challenged and chair-bound people.
Whose dime is it anyway? Or, Who cares? By Matt Maloney September 2004 I was Bureau County Public Defender for almost 10 years.