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Newsletter Articles From 2006

Practice Tip: Know your client before you meet—Intake forms fill need By Lisa Olivero November 2006 Over time the author has developed a short form that she now presents to potential clients when they appear for their initial consultation and before their first meeting.
Practice tip: The importance of timely communications By Susan M. Brazas March 2006 It’s a good problem to have: a staggering number of telephone calls, e-mails, referral letters, and curbside chats with people wondering whether they need a lawyer.
Practice Update: Who is your client? What document can you disclose By Bernard Wysocki October 2006 From a practical standpoint, it is important when you see a potential third party involvement, to secure written retainer and defining your representation.
Probate Update: Recent case decisions By James F. Dunneback October 2006 In Lurie v. Commissioner, 425 F.3d 1021, the decedent had established a complex estate plan intending for his extensive estate of about $130,000,000 to pass to his wife and children.
The Ryan juror furor—The questions and implications are disturbing and far reaching By John T. Phipps April 2006 The corruption trial of former Governor George Ryan has raised a number of troubling points about our juries and who serves on them.
Salary negotiations for the small firm associate By Joe Giamanco November 2006 For most of us who read this newsletter, the concept of obtaining a six-figure salary straight out of law school was nothing but a dream; yet, for those friends of ours who chose the path of the 100+ attorney law firms it was a reality.
Stress and the 21st century attorney By Bernard Wysocki February 2006 This past year I was fortunate to be elected as the Lake County Bar Association President.
Substitution of Judge: Recent case law By Susan M. Brazas October 2006 The Illinois Code of Civil Procedure provides direction on the procedures to request a substitution of judge.