2010 Articles

Message from the Chair By William Mock December 2010 Why the Section on International & Immigration is distinctive and important.
Message from the Chair By William Mock August 2010 An outline of the agenda for the coming year from 2010-2011 Section Chair William Mock.
Message from the Chair By Cindy G. Buys May 2010 Section Chair Cindy Buys describes the March CLE program, "Divorce, Deportation and Disciplinary Complaints: Avoiding Immigration Pitfalls in Family Law."
Message from the Chair By Cindy G. Buys March 2010 The international lawyer plays an important role in humanitarian relief efforts when natural disasters, such as the recent earthquake in Haiti, take place.
Message from the Chair By Cindy G. Buys February 2010 Thoughts from the Section Chair.
Message from the Immediate Past Chair By Cindy G. Buys July 2010 The final column from 2009-2010 Section Chair Cindy Buys.
New regulation on security zones restrictions in Argentina By Laura Lavia Haidempergher December 2010 Argentine law states that real estate located in security areas must belong to native Argentine citizens, on the basis of national interest.
Non-Precluded Measures clauses and their effect on foreign investment By Gabriela A. Grinblat August 2010 Many Bilateral Investment Treaties include a Non-Precluded Measures clause, meant to limit a country’s liability in certain exceptional circumstances.
The nuts and bolts of admission and adjustment of status under the Immigration and Nationality Act By Patrick M. Kinnally October 2010 After entering the U.S., many immigrants end up in one of our 50 states, settle in, perhaps wed, or otherwise come to you and seek an adjustment of their status. Can you help them? Perhaps.
People of the State of Illinois v. Delvillar—The Illinois Supreme Court construes statute on guilty pleas of noncitizen criminal defendants facing deportation and other immigration consequences By Christina J. Murdoch, Kathryn R. Weber, & Scott D. Pollock March 2010 The decision may not be as devastating to non-citizens as it seems on the surface.
Pro bono attorneys needed February 2010 The National Immigrant Justice Center periodically publishes a list of cases for which pro bono attorneys are needed to represent asylum seekers and other immigrants in need of protection.
Significance of Italian court’s “extraordinary rendition” convictions By Elizabeth Lazicki May 2010 “Extraordinary rendition” is a controversial practice which “involves the snatching of suspects and their forcible transfer for interrogation to third countries—often those states where torture is routinely employed.”
Summary of comments by Ms. Ioana Navarrete, Consul for the Protection Department, Mexican Consulate By Cindy G. Buys & Anne M. Skallerup March 2010 Ioana Navarette served as a guest speaker at the ISBA's Midyear Meeting in December. Click to read a synopsis of her views.
Supreme Court overrules Seventh Circuit on judicial reviewability of BIA denials of motions to reopen: Kucana v. Holder, 130 S. Ct. 827 (U.S. 2010) By Susan M. Burns July 2010 Though perhaps too early to be deemed a “trend,” two recent cases reveal a welcome effort by the Seventh Circuit to strengthen legal remedies for immigrants.
Ten hallmarks of effective international arbitration agreements By William H. Knull May 2010 A list of the ten most important characteristics of an enforceable, functional dispute resolution clause.
U.S. charities and international philanthropy: What you need to know By Stephanie J. Bagot August 2010 U.S. charities should carefully evaluate their policies and procedures to ensure they comply with IRS and Federal counter-terrorism regulations.
USCIS changes filing requirements for immigrant foreign religious workers By Michael R. Lied December 2010 Up to 5,000 special immigrant visas may be granted to religious workers each year. This visa is available for (1) ministers, (2) religious workers in a professional capacity in a religious vocation or occupation and (3) religious workers in a religious vocation or occupation as defined in the statute.