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Press release March 2014 Sign up now for the 9th Annual Silk Road Conference to be held May 16th in Chicago.
Press release January 2014 Sign up for this fascinating and educational seminar.
Prosecutorial discretion and administrative closure in immigration law: A new adjudicatory rule By Patrick M. Kinnally June 2014 At first blush, it may seem curious that the concept of prosecutorial discretion has any pertinence to immigration cases. As we know, prosecutors have unmitigated powers in charging individuals with crimes, opting not to bring a charge at all, or making recommendations concerning plea bargains, sentencing, or conferring immunity to the accused, as well as witnesses. See, Bordenkircher v. Hayes, 434 U.S. 357 (1978).
Real estate in Israel—Prepare for probate By Deborah Opolion-Elovic January 2014 A look at the Israeli laws and procedures relating to a U.S. citizen who dies leaving real estate in Israel, and practical advice to those who currently hold real estate in Israel to ease the property's future transfer.
Recent cases September 2014 Recent decisions of interest to international and immigration law practitioners.
Recent cases June 2014 Recent cases of interest to international and immigration law practitioners.
Recent cases March 2014 Cases of interest to international & immigration law practitioners.
Recent cases January 2014 Recent cases of interest to international & immigration law practitioners.
Recent decisions clarifying the “particular social group” requirement make it easier for former gang members to get asylum By Tania Linare Garcia June 2014 In recent years, asylum claims brought by former gang members have failed because of the development of strict judicially-imposed requirements to asylum and withholding of removal.
Reform of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act By Joshua Nygren December 2014 This is the first installment of a two-part series. The next issue of this newsletter will contain the second part.
Save money in international law by performing your own Chinese legal research By Paul Kossof August 2014 This article first provides a general model for how to perform Chinese legal research and discusses each step in the model to enable the reader to perform his or her own research. It then suggests specific legal services, provides other ways of obtaining English-based legal information, and determines when foreign attorneys must rely on Chinese legal counsel
Save the Date—Immigration legislation & caselaw update webinar October 2014 Stay current with changes in immigration law by watching a one-hour webinar on November 5, 2014.
Silence as acceptance in contract— A brief summary of Arab Middle Eastern law By Howard L. Stovall September 2014 In most instances, silence in the face of an offer is not sufficient to constitute such acceptance. However, there are some limited exceptions in which silence can be deemed acceptance.
Streamlined Offshore Disclosure for U.S. residents By James Creech August 2014 The IRS has made some signification changes to offshore disclosure as part of the Foreign Account Compliance Tax Act reporting that went into effect July 1, 2014. 
Women in conflict—A UN response By Cindy G. Buys & Julia Kaye Wykoff June 2014 Rather than conventional war tools such as guns, tanks, and bombs, raping and abusing women seemingly became a favorite tactic in many war-torn countries.