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2017 Articles

South Korea violated the Convention to Eliminate Race Discrimination by requiring HIV and drug testing of only non-Korean teachers By Mark E. Wojcik February 2017 The case of L.G. v. Republic of Korea involved a national of New Zealand who, at the time she filed her petition, had been forced to leave South Korea and was residing in the United States.
Summary of ‘revolving door’ restrictions in the Arab middle east By Howard L. Stovall December 2017 Although many Arab countries have enacted civil service regulations that place restrictions on the outside commercial activities of current government employees, these restrictions do not extend beyond the employee’s term in government service.
Tools for international discovery By David W. Aubrey October 2017 A brief summary of the mechanisms provided by "The Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters."
Updates in Swiss business law By Florian S. Jörg November 2017 Significant changes in Swiss business law during the period between January 1st and July 1st, 2017.
Updates in Swiss business law By Florian S. JÖrg May 2017 A look at the recent changes to Swiss business law.
USCIS to suspend premium processing service beginning April 3 By Rebecca Mancini & Jacob Hogg May 2017 USCIS indicated that the temporary suspension will help them reduce overall H-1B processing times and to prioritize adjudication of pending petitions in a backlog. It is anticipated that the suspension will last for up to six months.
Who gets to make the call: U Visas, Immigration Judges and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals By Patrick M. Kinnally December 2017 Once a U-nonimmigrant has obtained such status he/she may adjust to lawful permanent resident status provided certain conditions are met. Sound like good policy? It's not, according to the administrators.
Why use the U.S. Commercial Service By Lewis F. Matuszewich November 2017 The United States Commercial Service offers a wide range of resources for you and for your clients who are interested in international trade.