2013 Articles

Apply for a public administrator or public guardian appointment By Tracy Douglas May 2013 Public administrators and public guardians serve an important role in Illinois by helping with estate administration and protecting the interests of disabled adults.
Bill would allow courts to deny custody or visitation to rapist fathers By Tracy Douglas June 2013 Illinois allows mothers who gave birth to their rapist’s child to block custody or visitation when the rapist is criminally convicted. House Bill 3128 would change that.
Celebrating 140 years of female attorneys in Illinois By Catherine D. Battista January 2013 July 1, 2012 marked the 140th anniversary of women being granted the right to practice law in Illinois.
Chair’s column By Sandra Blake June 2013 A message from Chair Sandra Blake.
Chair’s column By Sandra Blake May 2013 A look at the Committee's recent and upcoming activities.
Chair’s column By Sandra Blake January 2013 A message from Committee Chair Sandy Blake.
Civil Rights Act decisions may limit workers’ ability to sue for discrimination By Tracy Douglas August 2013 In a pair of 5-4 decisions this past June, the Supreme Court limited the definition of supervisor and increased the standard of causation for retaliation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
Ever think about running for office? By Ella York June 2013 The Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership (IWIL) program trains women to run for office on the Democratic ticket while the Illinois Lincoln Excellence in Public Service Series trains women to run for public office on the Republican ticket. These two programs, while they reach out to opposite sides of the aisle, share the goal of increasing the number of women in public office.
Female judges in Illinois: Where are we now? By Cindy G. Buys & Stephanie Macuiba May 2013 This article examines some of the statistics relating to females in the judiciary in Illinois and includes interviews with several female judges examining the role and experiences of these female judges.
From rags to riches: How the portrayal of female attorneys in the media has evolved from clothes and fashion to focus and success By Kerrianne Waters May 2013 As the female population becomes more present in the legal profession, the portrayal of these females on television has also increased and has an impact on what the public expects from a female attorney. But is this a good thing? Are these portrayals accurate?
Getting to know Alice Henrikson: Brand new WATL Committee member By Mary F. Petruchius October 2013 An interview with one of the Committee's newest members.
Girls’ empowerment groups: Shaping the next generation of female leaders By Mary F. Petruchius June 2013 Girls who are empowered with the information taught in groups such as the ones list in this article are equipped with tools and information to make positive choices and educated decisions regarding their lives.
Giving is good By Kristen Prinz October 2013 The author shares her experiences with 'givers,' and how surrounding herself with them has  generated career success.
How to brag online without sounding like a jerk By Joshua Johnson January 2013 No one wants to work with a jerk, so here are some ways you can let people know how truly awesome you are—without sounding conceited.
Is failure to file a lis pendens at the outset of a divorce case considered malpractice? By Lindsay C. Stella May 2013 Every family law attorney heeds warning when the word “malpractice” is uttered. We all know the fundamentals of malpractice in our respective fields, and we do our best to stay current on new law by attending an assortment of continuing legal education courses to protect against that malignant word. Inevitably, smaller items sometimes slip through the cracks. Filing of a lis pendens at the outset of a divorce case, through some not so recent case law, has proven itself to be one of those generally disregarded smaller items.
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Katherine Imp and Beauty Beneath The Dirt By E. Lynn Grayson June 2013 Law school graduate Kate Imp's new documentary, Beauty Beneath the Dirt, was recently released to the general public.
The law that won’t be missed By Anna Fridman May 2013 The author shares her list of archaic laws from around the country.
Lean In encourages women to step up to the plate By Natalie Lorenz June 2013 Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg, is an excellent way to start conversation about the issues women face in their legal careers.
Move outside of your comfort zone By Janice L. Boback May 2013 The author shares her experience after recently taking on a case outside of Illinois.
Moving on versus moving forward: The legacy of the Trayvon Martin case By Shira Truitt August 2013 The commentary generated by the jury decision in the Trayvon Martin case has been interesting, to say the very least.
No need to rush into fracking By Vito A. Mastrangelo May 2013 This Op-Ed was featured in the Chicago Sun Times on March 14, 2013
Pay equality for women attorneys: The ABA Toolkit for Gender Equity in Partner Compensation By Julie A. Neubauer August 2013 The time is now to implement policies and practices for attorney compensation that will encourage the women coming into the professions and young women lawyers working in firms today to stay the course and rise to the level of leadership alongside our male counterparts.
Prenatal drug use: Functionalistic vs. formalistic approaches By Heather A. Abell June 2013 Will a mother’s prenatal drug use result in a finding of child abuse or neglect once the fetus is born?
Rapists’ rights in Illinois: The new law and what other states can learn from it By Randi Burggraff & Kerrianne Waters December 2013 What are parental rights and why is it so alarming that in a majority of states' rapists retain these rights?
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Reflections on Blackstones Event By Erin Wilson October 2013 On August 22, 2013, 120 years after the first gathering in Chicago, the Blackstones, gathered to celebrate women past, present, and future. This event, hosted by Winston & Strawn, the Seventh Circuit Bar Association President Julie A. Bauer, and Illinois State Bar Association President Paula H. Holderman, was an auspicious gathering of talented and dedicated attorneys, professors, and judges.
Save the Date!!! From Myra Bradwell to Us: Rise Up and Reach Back December 2013 Be sure to mark your calendar for this important event!
Someone you should know: Jody Raphael By Melissa M. Olivero May 2013 Learn more about this dynamic attorney and senior research fellow at the Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Family Law Center at DePaul University College of Law.
Spotlight on Women and the Law Committee members August 2013 Each newsletter we will feature a few Women in the Law Committee members. We hope to provide a brief introduction to the members, their backgrounds and current positions.
Spotlight on Women in ISBA Leadership: A visit with ISBA Catalyst Co-Editor, Cindy Galway Buys By Veronica Armouti December 2013 Learn more about this dynamic member of our Committee.
A view from the Chair By Mary F. Petruchius December 2013 A message from Committee Chair Mary Petruchius.