2007 Articles

Answering the call of our changing society: The “Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act” (House Bill 1826) By Annemarie E. Kill November 2007 On June 23, 2007, the 201 member ISBA Assembly voted to support the “Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act” (HB 1826).
Articulating the business case for inclusion By Jane DiRenzo Pigott June 2007 The business case for diversity is well established and directly relates to any legal organization’s ability to compete for the best clients and talent.
Chairs’ Column By Claire A. Manning & Alice M. Noble-Allgire June 2007 As chairs of the Standing Committees on Women and the Law and Minority and Women Participation, we are pleased to share with you the diversity outreach and educational efforts that our committees have undertaken during the past year.
The Chicago Call to Action for Women Attorneys: The right thing to do for law firms By E. Lynn Grayson June 2007 Law firms continually struggle for meaningful ways to advance commonly shared diversity objectives.
Co-Editor’s notes By Sandra Crawford May 2007 One of the goals of the Women and the Law Committee is to promote women in all aspects of the profession.
Committee Member Spotlight on our very own 2007 Young Lawyer of the Year, Heather M. Fritsch By Mary F. Petruchius November 2007 It was with great pleasure that I nominated Heather M. Fritsch for the 2007 ISBA Young Lawyer of the Year Award because I firmly believe that Heather possesses all the attributes of a “lawyer of the year.”
Committee member spotlight: Patrice Ball-Reed, former committee member May 2007 Patrice Ball-Reed, former long-time member of the Women and the Law Committee, was recently honored by the Chicago Defender as a member of the newspaper’s inaugural Class of Women of Excellence.
Diversity in the Legal Profession: What we can do to open doors? June 2007 For many persons of color, the American educational system presents a barrier, rather than a conduit, to the legal profession.
Diversity is a yarn, until women of color are woven into the law firm fabric By Pamela J. Roberts June 2007 Most private firm business models continue to adhere to the “pay-your-dues-and-climb-the-ladder” tradition.
Diversity news June 2007 The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (“MCCA”) selected the law firm of Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker Levin and Tominberg, Ltd. (“Laner Muchin”) as the recipient of the Thomas L. Sager Award for the Midwest Region.
Diversity Roundtable: Pipeline to the future By Alice M. Noble-Allgire June 2007 During the past year, the Standing Committee on Minority and Women Participation has been exploring ways that the Illinois State Bar Association can encourage more minorities traverse the educational pipeline into the legal profession.
Excellence and strength through diversity: The positive impact on the future of our profession By Michele M. Jochner June 2007 The legal profession has been a dynamic force in shaping the history of our nation. It is no surprise, therefore, that lawyers have a special place in our society as the protectors of the underprivileged and disenfranchised.
From the Chair By Claire A. Manning January 2007 The past several months have been busy ones for the ISBA and for the Standing Committee on Women and the Law—and, more generally, for the celebration of women in the practice of law and women in the judiciary.
Grandparents’ visitation rights are still in limbo in Illinois By Laninya A. Cason November 2007 In this ever-changing society, more and more grandparents are called upon to perform the duties and responsibilities of parents.
Ground yourself By Heather M. Fritsch May 2007 As some of you may know, my dad is a farmer. I grew up on a farm just south of the very small town of Shabbona, Illinois. Shabbona?
Hot topics in domestic violence By Yolaine Dauphin & Mary F. Petruchius January 2007 The ISBA Committee on Women and the Law presented a comprehensive program entitled, “Hot Topics in Domestic Violence,” on Friday, September 8, 2006, at the Chicago Athletic Association.
The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and its mission By Cheryl Niro June 2007 When I enrolled in law school I took a step toward a major life goal.
An invitation to all to take a “Darrow Day” By Sandra Crawford January 2007 What, you may ask, is a “Darrow Day?” It is not delaying or deferring living a full, rewarding, joyful life while we put “more grain in the barn”
Lawyers “lawgh” about ethics at MCLE forum By Sandra Crawford November 2007 “Lawghter” was the keyword for the morning on September 7, 2007, at the ISBA’s 3rd Annual Solo and Small Firm Forum held in St. Charles, Illinois. Legal Humorist, Sean Carter (see www.lawhumurist.com), a frequent contributor to the ABA’s on-line journal and other publications, took the stage at the conference as the keynote speaker and as a section presenter.
Mark your calendars for the most electrifying series of programs this bar year! By Michele M. Jochner November 2007 The Women’s Bar Association of Illinois (WBAI), in conjunction with both the ISBA Standing Committee on Women and the Law and the Standing Committee on Minority and Women Participation, is very pleased to announce the development of a series of exciting and informative programs designed to spotlight various leadership issues which provide the strong foundation for a thriving, fulfilling and successful legal career.
Mastectomy Hospital Bill in Congress May 2007 A mastectomy is when a woman’s breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards.
Middle East Partnership Initiative By E. Lynn Grayson November 2007 The Middle East Partnership Initiative (“MEPI”), sponsored by the U.S. State Department, recently invited 39 young professional women from the Middle East and North Africa to the U.S. for six months.
Mission Possible: Black Law Students Association at SIU Initiative By Melodi Green June 2007 A life with no opportunities is like a body with no brain. It has no chance of survival. No chance to grow and learn.
Presumed equal: What America’s top women lawyers really think about their firms By Lindsay Blohm & Ashley Riveira January 2007 During our third year of law school, we stumbled upon a dated edition of a guide entitled Presumed Equal, which summarized women’s experiences at large law firms.
Spotlight on women in ISBA leadership: A conversation with ISBA Board Member Michele Jochner By Sandra Crawford November 2007 One of the goals of the Women and the Law Committee, through its quarterly newsletter, is to share with our readers information about women in leadership positions within and outside of the ISBA.
Summary of the 2006 Diversity Luncheon By Sonni Choi Williams June 2007 On September 18, 2006, the Peoria County Bar Association’s Diversity Committee held its third annual Diversity Luncheon and outdid itself again.
Surviving (and thriving) as a young attorney By Amanda C. Jones May 2007 According to the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, in 2006, women comprised approximately 30 percent of the profession. In private practice, women accounted for approximately 47 percent of summer associates, 44 percent of associates, and only 17 percent of partners.
Welcome to a new year By Sharon L. Eiseman November 2007 It has been my privilege to serve as a member and supporting officer of the Women and the Law Standing Committee for several years; this bar year, the privilege of service has extended to my chairing of the Committee.
The “Women of the West” Outreach Reception May 2007 On March 30, 2007, the Marshall Gallery of the Northern Illinois University College of Law in De Kalb, Illinois, played host to over 100 women judges, attorneys, law students and guests.
Your Opinion Needed! ISBA’s Standing Committee on Women and the Law Examines Committee Goals—and we need your help! By Amie M. Simpson November 2007 Why are we here? What is our purpose? It’s an age-old question that has puzzled great thinkers for centuries…