2010 Articles

Attorneys: Get on your hobby horse! By Valerie Sherman October 2010 The benefits of having at least one hobby are huge, especially to attorneys, whose stress levels, happiness, and health are often cited as some of the worst of any profession.
Beware Blockshopper.com: A call to action By Julie A. Neubauer May 2010 A call for all those in opposition to the practices of Blockshopper.com to speak out against it.
Chair’s column By Sandra Crawford November 2010 A look at the Committee's plans for the year ahead from Chair Sandra Crawford.
Chair’s column By Sandra Crawford October 2010 An introduction from Committee Chair Sandra Crawford.
Chair’s column By Annemarie E. Kill September 2010 An introduction to the issue from outgoing Chair Annemarie Kill.
Consider yourself asked to run for public office By Sandra Crawford November 2010 The “Women Running for Public Office” forum addressed the challenges faced by women running for public office and how those challenges can be overcome.
Divorce support groups for women offer numerous benefits By Linda A. Lucatorto November 2010 Divorce is a life-altering change that inspires powerful emotions and new decisions. A support group can be a source of comfort through those difficult challenges.
Family Violence Prevention Fund/DV Awareness Month By Sandra Blake November 2010 The Family Violence Prevention Fund has issued a call to action to urge Congress to pass two key pieces of legislation.
Is nice a four-letter word? By Annemarie E. Kill May 2010 Does being considered a nice person mean you can't also be a successful, effective attorney?
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ISBA celebrates women in the profession May 2010 A reprint of the keynote address given at the ISBA's luncheon, "Celebrating Women in the Profession: Reach Out and Build Our Future."
Key strategies for generating profitable new clients By Byron G. Sabol October 2010 Clients do business with, and refer business to, lawyers they know, like, and trust. By focusing marketing efforts on the strategies outlined in this article, women lawyers will become better known and liked by clients.
Letter to the editor May 2010 A letter from a reader of The Catalyst.
Member spotlight: Diana M. Law By Melissa M. Olivero October 2010 A closer look at this accomplished lawyer and member of our Committee, who recently won the ISBA’s 2009-2010 Young Lawyer of the Year Award.
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New Medicaid rules harm women, seniors By Diana M. Law October 2010 The Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 imposes harsh penalties against seniors who gift money for any reason to family members and charities, since it presumes the money was transferred to qualify for Medicaid long-term care benefits.
Recognition for women through ISBA annual awards By Sandra Crawford September 2010 A description of each award offered by the ISBA.
Recommended reading for all women lawyers September 2010 Check out this book, recommended by Catalyst reader Susan L. Schoenberger.
Recommended reading list By Emily N. Masalski October 2010 Books recommended by members of the Standing Committee on Women and the Law.
The relationship between women and depression By Susan Riegler October 2010 Female lawyers are very good at showing only their professional side. They can look so good on the outside that their colleagues, family and friends may not see the pain behind their eyes. But women across all Western countries are twice as likely to experience depression than men.
Restorative Justice Program in Cook County unique in U.S September 2010 Currently, unpaid child support is collected through a system of seizures and penalties, sometimes including jail time. In this area of law enforcement, the adversarial process not only reinforces the conflict that drives these disputes, it is costly. Often, modest available resources are siphoned off in attorneys’ fees, court costs, and fines. In contrast, the restorative circle process enables the family members and their supporters to discuss and explore their concern for their children’s needs in a constructive, thoughtful and respectful manner.
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Rules for being a good divorce client, from an attorney who’s been there, done that… By Amie M. Simpson October 2010 10 simple rules of behavior that author and divorce attorney Amie Simpson encourages her clients to follow at the outset of representation.
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Spotlight on our very own “Home-grown Chicago girl”: An interview with the Honorable Patrice Ball-Reed By Mary F. Petruchius September 2010 An interview with Judge Patrice Ball-Reed, by Mary Petruchius.
Spring into action by volunteering—The Court Watch Project By Megan V. Rose May 2010 An explanation of the Court Watch project, which seeks to improve the justice process for survivors of domestic violence.
Synopsis of statewide report on “Examining at-Risk and Delinquent Girls in Illinois” By Lori G. Levin October 2010 Girls, both in Illinois and nationally, comprise the fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system. See the full report at www.icjia.state.il.us.
Twice a Woman By Aristea Geroulis & Aneta Kuros November 2010 A review of the new film shown at the Chicago International Film Festival, by two women who confront domestic violence daily.
Women Everywhere: A spirit of collaboration By Shital A. Patel May 2010 Join WE's efforts to make a difference in the community and in the lives of women and children in need by volunteering on June 11, 2010 for the annual Agency Day Project.
Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project, Inc.: www.wechicago.org May 2010 Details for WE's Agency Day on June 11, 2010
Women Everywhere: Service Day By Janice L. Boback October 2010 The Women Everywhere: Partners In Service Project’s Annual Agency Day was held this year on June 11, 2010. Volunteers from the Women and the Law Committee gave their time and energy to a local agency known as Grace House.
Women in the criminal justice system—Justice delivered or denied? By E. Nicole Carrion May 2010 A recap of the February CLE program sponsored by the Standing Committee on Women and the Law.
Women With Vision Speech for November 4 Dinner By Sharon L. Eiseman November 2010 A reprint of the remarks given by Sharon Eiseman at the Women With Vision event.
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