2024 Articles

The Amendment of Illinois Supreme Court Rule 794(d) to Include Sexual Harassment Prevention Within the Definition of Professional Responsibility CLE Credits By Dina Ninfo May 2024 On January 31, 2024, the Illinois Supreme Court issued an order amending Illinois Supreme Court Rule 794(d) to include sexual harassment prevention within the definition of professional responsibility effective February 1, 2024.
Chair’s Column By Erin Wilson May 2024 A note from the outgoing chair reflecting on some of the Standing Committee on Women and the Law's initiatives.
Chair’s Column By Erin Wilson March 2024 A note from the chair.
Five Reasons Why You Should Support the Illinois Bar Foundation By Laura Castagna May 2024 Becoming and Illinois Bar Foundation Champion will help to ensure sustainable long-term funding for access to justice and Lawyers Care programs throughout the state.  
Holding the Elevator By Judge Chloé G. Pedersen May 2024 As the legitimacy and relevance of the U.S. Supreme Court is readily questioned, it is important for us as members of the legal profession to make clear our unwavering support for the rule of law and make clear our duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution.
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (1935-2023) By Judge Jeanne M. Reynolds March 2024 A look at the life and legacy of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
Making a Difference for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence By Paloma Holloman March 2024 Ascend Justice is an advocacy organization that empowers individuals and families impacted by gender-based violence or the child welfare system.
Spotlight on Judy Conway By Jessica Durkin March 2024 A spotlight on Judy Conway, a member of the Standing Committee on Women and the Law.