2015 Articles

The ACLU’s Illinois Judicial Bypass Coordination Project By Mary F. Petruchius April 2015 The ACLU’s Judicial Bypass Coordination Project provides minors with information about the state’s parental notice law for those seeking abortions and assistance in obtaining what is called a “judicial bypass.”
Back after baby By Julie A. Neubauer October 2015 New mom Julie Neubauer shares her experiences with going back to work.
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Chair’s column By Emily N. Masalski November 2015 A message from WATL Committee Chair Emily Masalski.
Chair’s column By Emily N. Masalski October 2015 A message from Committee Chair Emily Masalski.
Chair’s column By Emily N. Masalski July 2015 An update on the Committee's activities, including a volunteer opportunity tomorrow (July 18th) from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. in Chicago.
Getting to know Jennifer Rosato Perea, Dean of DePaul University College of Law By Kelly Thames November 2015 Dean Rosato Perea shares her insights and visions for DePaul University College of Law's future.
Getting to know Madame Vice Chair: An interview with Julie Neubauer By Mary F. Petruchius July 2015 Learn more about this fascinating Committee member!
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Getting to know one of the WATL’s newest members: An interview with Kelly Parfitt By Mary F. Petruchius October 2015 Learn more about Kelly and her life as a lawyer in Chicago.
Helping young homeless mothers get a fresh start By Kristen Prinz February 2015 On Saturday, February 7, a group of ISBA Women and the Law Committee members spent the morning helping New Moms, Inc. prepare apartments for young homeless mothers and their children.
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The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd By Cindy G. Buys April 2015 Committee member Cindy Buys reviews Sue Monk Kidd's most recent novel.
ISBA Standing Committee on Women and the Law 2015 Annual Meeting Report July 2015 A recap of the Committee's accomplishments in the past year.
Lessons from One Size Never Fits All: Business Development Strategies Tailored for Women (and Most Men) By Michele M. Jochner October 2015 Dr. Arin Reeves’ most recent book illustrates that although we have certainly made numerous advances in the legal profession, much still needs to be accomplished to achieve full inclusion and equality for women who practice law.
Life events October 2015 This new regular column highlights the important events in the lives of the members of the ISBA's Women and the Law Committee.
Maternity leave in the media: How revised parental leave policies measure up By Jessica C. Marshall November 2015 An overview of the Family Medical Leave Act and paternity and maternity policies in our country.
Mediation, meditation—Let’s pause for more peaceful outcomes By Sandra Crawford February 2015 Learning how to meditate can help legal professionals (mediators, attorneys, judges) become more comfortable with silence (“the pause”) and not have to continually race against each other to be the first and last to speak.
“Mr. Turner” and the issue of rape By Alexandra Martinez February 2015 The author shares her thoughts on the film "Mr. Turner and the issues it raises about rape and consent.
Myths about the ERA debunked By Cindy G. Buys November 2015 Common questions regarding the Equal Rights Amendment and a discussion of the recent efforts to restart the ratification process.
An overview of new Illinois sexual assault laws By Tracy Douglas October 2015 An overview of the new laws in Illinois that are designed to help survivors and encourage more reporting of sexual violence.
Splitting the bill: Illinois’ proposed legislation on income shares By Emily A. Hansen October 2015 The income shares model utilizes both parent’s income to allow the child to enjoy the standard of living of an intact household. Further, the income shares model considers circumstances such as shared custody or expanded parenting time schedules.
Spotlight interview with Judge Loza By Erin Wilson November 2015 Learn more about Judge Loza, supervising judge of the Child Support Division in Cook County.
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Spotlight on Margaret A. O’Sullivan By Kristen Prinz February 2015 Learn more about Margaret O'Sullivan, mother and Guardian ad Litem in Cook County Probate Court.
Stage set for November Statewide Symposium on College Sexual Assaults By Yolaine Dauphin October 2015 Save the date for this important day-long seminar on November 6. 
SUFFRAGETTE: Women’s fight for the right to vote By Meg O’Sullivan November 2015 A look at the movie "Suffragette," which leaves viewers with the realization that the fight for the right to vote for women is far from over.
A tale of two communities: Bringing pro bono collaborative law to Illinois National Guard veterans By Sandra Crawford November 2015 The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois and the Health & Disability Advocates of Warrior to Warrior have rolled out a pro bono program to bring the Collaborative Practice model of divorce dispute resolution to Illinois Army National Guard Veterans and their families.
A view from the Chair By Letitia Spunar-Sheats February 2015 A message from Chair Tish Spunar-Sheats.
Wanted: Male attention—A focus on gender disparity in the law By Carl Newman February 2015 If we want the landscape to change, we all need to be aware of gender disparities.
Welcome from The Catalyst editors By Cindy G. Buys & Kelly Thames July 2015 Learn more about this newsletter and how to submit articles.
Women of the 18th Floor: Cook County Probate Division By Emily A. Hansen February 2015 The 18th floor of the Richard J. Daley Center is dedicated solely to the Probate Division, where the majority of the 11 judges and many of the attorneys who practice are female. In this article the author interviews two associate judges and an attorney who work here—all women—to inspire other females in the legal profession and draw even more women to probate law.