2004 Articles

ADR in law schools: The times, they are a’ changing By Paula M. Young October 2004 When I think about the role ADR plays in legal education, in law practice, and in our broader communities, I think of the following quote: "Our civilization is like a bird with one wing, flying round and round in circles. The other wing is the Feminine. Without it, we cannot go anywhere."
The business case for effective part-time programs By James J. Sandman October 2004 Remarks at "Summit on Keeping Her in Her Place: New Challenges to the Integration of Women in the Profession," Section of Litigation, American Bar Association August 11, 2002
Fractured fairy tales-How children’s classics can reinforce harmful stereotypes By Alice M. Noble-Allgire June 2004 A few years back, I found myself spending time with the four-year-old daughter of some friends.
Illinois law school deans are a model of diversity By Alice M. Noble-Allgire June 2004 Illinois reached a significant milestone during the past year when Patricia Mell and Peter Alexander became the first black deans—and Mell the first female dean—at their respective law schools.
Law Day breakfast with Justice Garman By Claire A. Manning June 2004 There was no better opportunity for a group of women lawyers to celebrate law day than to spend it having a breakfast with Illinois Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman in her hometown of Danville.
Legislative update By Sandra Crawford October 2004 It is the on-going commitment of the Women in the Law Committee to continue to actively monitor and comment on new and proposed legislation and to highlight existing laws of importance and interest to women and families.
Legislative update By Ellen Schanzle-Haskins June 2004 The Committee on Women and the Law was and is very active in monitoring and commenting on legislation of interest to women in Illinois.
Letter from the chair By Ellen Schanzle-Haskins October 2004 Assuming the Chair of the Women and the Law Committee is a daunting task.
Letter from the chair By Celia G. Gamrath June 2004 NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: For many, service on the Standing Committee on Women and the Law has brought not only the challenge of leadership, but the challenge of motherhood.
Letter from the chair By Celia G. Gamrath February 2004 Long before today's role models of Chief Justice MaryAnn McMorrow, Justice Rita Garman, Judge Carol Bellows, and Esther Rothstein came along, there were the female founders of the legal profession like Myra Bradwell who broke barriers and fought for the right of women to practice law.
Meeting Gloria Santona By Meredith E. Ritchie October 2004 As I drove into the lush woods, the rain stopped and I saw a contemporary building that seemed to blend into the landscape: McDonald's Corporate Headquarters.
My visit to China By Ann B. Conroy October 2004 This past June, ISBA Women in the Law Committee member Ann Conroy visited China with other ISBA members. In the narrative below, entitled Backward Up: The Great Wall, she shares her trip and overall China experience with us.
Myra Colby Bradwell: Illinois’ first woman lawyer By Julie Gracheck February 2004 Myra Colby Bradwell, the state's first woman lawyer, began the rich history of the women's legal profession in Illinois.
OAI, Inc. opens “A Place for Change” By E. Lynn Grayson October 2004 OAI, Inc. is a non-profit workforce development agency founded in 1976. OAI envisions a community where access to education, job training and employment is available to all. OAI believes that extending the opportunity to earn a living wage is a vital step towards creating and sustaining strong communities.
One of our own achieves Laureate distinction By Claire A. Manning June 2004 Sharon Eiseman, a longstanding and active member of the Standing Committee on Women and the Law, and a tireless promoter of women's legal rights, has been awarded with ISBA's highest achievement, a 2004 Laureate of the Academy of Illinois Lawyers.
Preventive law (Emerging alternative concepts and approaches to dispute resolution) By Sandra Crawford February 2004 For years I have preached the concept of what I call "preventive law" to my small business clients.
The remarkable life and times of Alta May Hulett By E. Lynn Grayson February 2004 Remembered best as the first woman attorney admitted to the Illinois bar, Alta May Hulett's brief legal career was remarkable. Joining forces with Myra Bradwell, Illinois' first woman attorney, Ms. Hulett succeeded in passing legislation prohibiting sexual discrimination in employment practices and ensured the right for all women attorneys to join the bar and practice law.
Representing the child in proceedings under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act By Melanie Caspi February 2004 Section 506 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act authorizes the court, on its own motion or by motion of either party, to appoint an attorney to represent the children "in proceedings involving the support, custody, visitation, education, parentage, property interest or general welfare of a minor or dependent child."
Senior ISBA women lawyers share law practice insights, wisdom and humor February 2004 To celebrate National Women's History Month, we thought it appropriate to communicate with women lawyers and to document their beliefs, observations and insights.
Stepmothers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly By Amie M. Sobkoviak October 2004 Once upon a time, there lived a little girl with beautiful long blonde hair and eyes as blue as cornflowers. She had lived happily with her father for a long time…
What’s next? Following up on the 1990 Illinois Task Force Report on Gender Bias in the Courts June 2004 In 1990, a task force of the Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association and the Women's Bar Association of Illinois issued a report on gender bias in the Illinois courts.
Wildman Harrold hosts “Dismantling the Glass Ceiling” luncheon By E. Lynn Grayson June 2004 On March 11, 2004, Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon's Women in the Practice of Law group hosted a special luncheon entitled "Dismantling the Glass Ceiling and Other Strategies to Promote Women in the Workforce.
The Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project marks five years of service to women and children in need By Margot Klein June 2004 On February 26, 2004, the Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project, a collaborative effort of nine area women's bar groups, celebrated five years of bringing attorneys, judges and friends of the legal community together to provide volunteer services to women and children in need.