2023 Articles

Ashly McCants Receives ISBA Young Lawyer of the Year Award (Cook County) By Emily N. Masalski December 2023 Ashly McCants recently received the ISBA Young Lawyer of the Year Award (Cook County) at the ISBA Member Appreciation and Recognition Reception held at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown on September 14, 2023.
Book Review: ‘Dinners With Ruth: A Memoir on the Power of Friendships’ by Nina Totenberg By Hon. Patricia Piper Golden, (ret.) April 2023 A summary and analysis of the Nina Totenberg memoir, Dinners With Ruth: A Memoir on the Power of Friendships.
Can You Hear Me? Communication Tips—Hearing Impaired Clients By Lisa Knauf February 2023 Tips to improve communication with clients that are hearing impaired.
Chair’s Column By Erin Wilson December 2023 A note from the chair.
Chair’s Column By Erin Wilson September 2023 A note from the chair.
Chair’s Column By Erin Wilson April 2023 A note from the chair.
Chair’s Column By Erin Wilson February 2023 A note from the chair.
Event Recap – 1973-2022: The Dobbs Decision By Judith Conway December 2023 Over 50 attendees gathered in person at the ISBA to hear the programming for 1973-2022: The Dobbs Decision.
Family Leave and Civility By Paloma Holloman April 2023 A call to extend civility and professionalism beyond the courtroom and office.
For the First Time, the Majority of the Illinois Supreme Court Is Held by Women By Laura Castagna February 2023 For the first time in the Illinois Supreme Court's history, the majority of the justices are women.
A Friend to All in the Courtroom: The First Judicial Circuit’s Therapy Dog Pilot Program By Megan Orso September 2023 The first judicial circuit has a new therapy dog program that aspires to lessen the tension and high emotions that are often present while being in a courtroom.
Getting to Know: An Interview With Diane Elliot By Margie Komes Putzler December 2023 A spotlight on Diane Elliot, a new member of the Standing Committee of Women and the Law.
Good News Column April 2023 Uplifting updates from various members of the Standing Committee on Women & the Law.
Member Spotlight: Hon. Patricia Piper Golden By Kelly R. Giraudo April 2023 A spotlight on ISBA Standing Committee on Women & the Law member, Hon. Patricia Piper Golden.
Sliding Into the Respondent’s DMs By Deanna Hoyt September 2023 Newly amended Illinois Supreme Court Rule 102 allows plaintiffs to serve a summons or complaint through text message, email, or even social media.
‘That Case’ By Dr. Jacey Keeney & Margie Komes Putzler February 2023 Strategies for managing anxiety and emotional distress.
Update on the ISBA’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Initiatives Regarding Disability and Disabled People By Patti Chang February 2023 Updates on the ISBA's diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives with respect to disability and disabled people.
Violette Neatly Anderson: The First African American Admitted to Practice Before the Supreme Court By Ashly McCants Giddens February 2023 A look at the life and career of Violette Neatly Anderson, who made history by being the first black woman to be admitted to practice law in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.