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2010 Articles

Recent amendment to Supreme Court Rule 304(b) and its impact on family law cases By Hon. Edward R. Jordan & Mary Jane Theis August 2010 Two judges share their perspectives on the recently amended child custody rules.
Recent appointments and retirements December 2010 Changes in the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements November 2010 Recent changes to the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements August 2010 Recent changes to the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements June 2010 Changes in the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements May 2010 Changes in the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements April 2010 Changes in the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements February 2010 Changes in the Judiciary.
Recent Supreme Court decisions in employment law: New Process Steel, LP v. NLRB & City of Ontario v. Quon By Ryan Wangler & Eric Wudtke December 2010 In New Process Steel, the Court examined the validity of decisions rendered by a two- rather than a three-person National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) panel. In Quon, the Court evaluated the extent of a government employee’s Fourth Amendment rights regarding searches by his government employer.
A refresher course on continuances—Stumbling blocks and issues for practitioners and judges to consider By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. August 2010 A review of the proper procedures for motioning and obtaining a continuance, and a discussion of the common issues raised on appeal and steps courts can take to ensure their decisions are upheld on review.
Remembering Harold By Hon. Gino L. DiVito May 2010 A tribute to Judge Harold W. Sullivan.
Save the adverb By Hon. Robert J. Kressel April 2010 18 guidelines to follow when preparing orders.
The Sixth Amendment requires defense counsel to provide immigration advice By Matthew Kuenning June 2010 In Padilla v. Kentucky, the United States Supreme Court held that when it is “truly clear” a guilty plea will result in deportation, counsel must so advise or the representation is deficient under Strickland v. Washington.
Start spreading the news By Hon. Michael B. Hyman December 2010 When it comes to properly informing the public about the courts, we in the legal arena must take the lead to find ways to cultivate, engage, and educate an indifferent, uninformed citizenry.
Supreme Court amends rules for swifter appeals in child custody cases By Joseph Tybor April 2010 The rules changes, effective February 26, 2010, allow the appeal of custody issues even if other matters in those cases are unresolved.
Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission Up and Running & Looking for Your Help By William L. Wheeler February 2010 The Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission is now operating, with offices in Springfield.
Thomas L. Kilbride elected as next Supreme Court Chief Justice By Joseph Tybor November 2010 Learn more about the newly elected Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.
Three women on the Court By Michele M. Jochner November 2010 For the first time in history, three women serve on both the U.S. Supreme Court and the Illinois Supreme Court.
A tribute to Justice Frederick S. Green By Richard L. Thies February 2010 Those of us who knew Fred miss him greatly, but the legacy that he left in the community of Urbana-Champaign, to the judiciary and to the legal profession of Illinois, will always be remembered and cherished.
Two commentaries on judicial independence By Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. June 2010 In two days last month, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and new Illinois Judges Association President Lewis Nixon emphasized the importance of judicial independence.
An update on Thornton v. Garcini June 2010 Last month, on the very day this Newsletter published an article discussing Thornton v. Garcini, the Supreme Court issued a modified opinion as it denied the motion for rehearing.