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Newsletter Articles From 2011

Respecting religious freedom without sacrificing justice: The right to wear religious garb in court proceedings By Hon. Thomas More Donnelly October 2011 The free exercise of religion in this country deserves a delicate approach. While a trial judge has the ultimate responsibility to control the courtroom, the responsibility must be exercised reasonably and within constitutional bounds.
Supreme Court announces mandatory evaluation for Illinois judges By Joseph Tybor and Hon. Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. March 2011 Effective March 1, 2011, the Supreme Court amended Rule 58 to require Circuit and Associate Judges to participate in a mandatory evaluation program.
Too few Internet matchmaking lonely hearts jurisdictionally trump default judgment: be2 LLC v Ivanof (7th Cir. 2011) By Joseph T. Nabor August 2011 In the recent case of be2 LLC v. Ivanov, the decision of the District Court was reversed and the court was instructed to dismiss the case for lack of personal jurisdiction.
When can a judge judge whether a judge can judge? In Re The Estate of Mary Ann Wilson, 238 Ill.2d 519 (2010) By David W. Inlander and Deborah Jo Soehlig June 2011 At issue in Estate of Wilson was whether the judge against whom the petition for substitution was filed was entitled to decide whether the petition was facially sufficient to require a hearing.