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Important developments in the Bulgarian law on European Union funding By Elena Sabkova January 2011 One of the most notorious cases to reach Bulgaria's courts was the misappropriation of funds from the EU’s Special Accession Program for Agriculture and Rural Development. The court's decision was handed down this past summer.
International issues are everywhere October 2011 Recent international law-related questions posted to the ISBA's General Transactional listserv. 
Internet gambling under the GATS and International Law By Kitsuron Sangsuvan April 2011 Even though the U.S. may apply the Federal Anti-Internet gambling regulations to its nationals operating online gambling in other countries on the grounds of the nationality principle, the country cannot enforce the regulations on the U.S. nationals in other countries.
ISBA E-Clips January 2011 A list of recent cases affecting International & Immigration Law practitioners.
ISBA General Assembly votes in favor of two measures involving international law By Cindy G. Buys January 2011 The two measures are the Proposed Legislation on Consular Notification and the Resolution Urging U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. The sentiments of the ISBA will now be conveyed to appropriate members of the Congress and the President.
LGBT Immigrant Rights Initiative By Mark E. Wojcik September 2011 The National Immigrant Justice Center announced that it has changed the name of its LGBT-focused project from the “National Asylum Partnership on Sexual Minorities” to the “LGBT Immigrant Rights Initiative.”
Maximize your profits and minimize your risks by understanding your sourcing agreements By Caroline Berube & Michelle J. Rozovics November 2011 A look at the different issues surrounding sourcing in China.
Meet the Section Council July 2011 Get to know Council members Tejas Shah and Maura McKeever.
Meet the Section Council April 2011 This issue's installment features Section members Rebecca Van Court and Mark Wojcik.
Meet the Section Council January 2011 Get to know International & Immigration Law Section Council members Cindy Galway Buys and Peter Qiu.
Meet the Section Council—Present and past November 2011 Get to know International & Immigration Law Section Council member Michelle Rozovics and former Section Chair Angela Peters.
Meet the Section Council—Present and Past August 2011 Get to know Erin Doyle and Tom Keating.
Message from the Chair By Anne M. Skallerup November 2011 A message from Section Chair Anne Skallerup.
Message from the Chair By Anne M. Skallerup August 2011 A note from Section Chair Anne Marie Skallerup.
Message from the Chair #1 By William Mock May 2011 The first of two notes in this issue from International & Immigration Law Section Chair William Mock.
Message from the Chair #2 By William Mock May 2011 The second of two notes in this issue from International & Immigration Law Section Chair William Mock.
Moldovan investor claims illegal expropriation by Kazakhstan By Victoria Popova January 2011 A Moldovan investor recently filed a $1 billion investment arbitration against Kazakhstan.
My U.S. Export Story – Finding customers around the world August 2011 In order to recognize successful small exporters and increase awareness toward federal assistance for exporters, the U.S. Small Business Administration is sponsoring the SBA Export Video Contest.
New INCOTERMS 2010 By Lynne R. Ostfeld December 2011 The word INCOTERMS is an abbreviation for International Commercial Terms. These are commercial terms drafted and published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), in Paris. First published in 1936, the terms were just updated in 2010 and are often referred to as INCOTERMS 2010.
The New U-Visa Regulations directly undermines Congressional intent to foster a better relationship between justice system and immigrant crime victims By Stavri Vako July 2011 Each time a law enforcement agency refuses to sign a U-Visa certification, perpetrators of crimes against immigrants are not prosecuted. Immigrant victims who are willing to aid law enforcements in their investigations are blocked in their efforts by the lack of certification from obtaining relief under the Violence Against Women Act. Such result is not what Congress intended when it created the U-Visa Program.
Program on Dual Nationals April 2011 Check out the April 20th program that will feature a panel of three attorneys to discuss, “Dual Nationals and Deemed Exports: Legal Perspectives on Compliance, Immigration and HR Issues.”
Recent cases October 2011 Recent cases of interest to international & immigration law practitioners.
Recent cases July 2011 Recent cases affecting international & immigration law practitioners.
Recent developments in Swiss business law By Florian S. Jörg November 2011 A list of changes to note when doing business in Switzerland.
Recent developments in Swiss business law By Florian S. Jörg May 2011 Developments of particular interest to international business law practitioners.
Recent immigration cases in the 7th Circuit and Illinois Supreme Court By Scott D. Pollock & Christina J. Murdoch May 2011 Summaries of recent immigration law cases.
Registration of commercial agency and distributor agreements in the Arab Middle East By Howard L. Stovall December 2011 Your company has just entered into a commercial agency or distributorship agreement with a local party in the Arab Middle East. The local party is now claiming that the agreement must be registered with local government authorities. Is this true? If so, what are the implications of such registration?
Revisiting asylum standards in regards to opposition to drug cartels By Justin H. Lines June 2011 This article suggests some changes to the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) whereby an officer facing persecution from drug cartels may be granted asylum.
Section Council chairs update May 2011 An updated (but still incomplete) list of the former Section Chairs.
Setting up in Flanders By Ian Robberechts October 2011 Some points for a foreign investor to consider when starting commercial operations in Belgium.