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2011 Articles

Setting up in Flanders—Part 2 By Ian Robberechts December 2011 Some points for a foreign investor to consider when starting commercial operations in Belgium.  
Spain—Year in review By Richard Silberstein June 2011 Changes in Spanish law.
Swiss banking secrecy By Romeo Juri January 2011 In April 2010, in response to a decision by the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, the Swiss government enabled Swiss authorities to hand over to the IRS the names of 4,450 American bank account holders.
Switzerland—Year in review By Florian S. Jörg June 2011 Updates in Swiss law.
Thank you to our authors July 2011 A list of the authors who contributed to The Globe last year.
USCIS announcement regarding job creation: The first step in a pro-growth immigration policy? By Tejas Shah October 2011 An examination of the August 2nd USCIS announcement, its significance, and legal considerations. 
What intent must the government prove to convict someone of marriage fraud? By Mark E. Wojcik May 2011 The federal circuit courts are split on what the government must prove in order to convict someone of marriage fraud.
Where are they? April 2011 A call for information about former chairs of the International & Immigration Law Section Council.