2002 Articles

Civil affairs By Darlene Strickland & Eugena A. Whitson-Owen November 2002 "The opposing the opinions, and rectifying the mistakes of others, is what truth and charity sometimes require of us, and civility does not oppose, if it be done with due caution and care of circumstances."
Fraudulent transfers under the bankruptcy code By Jill Murch August 2002 The old adage "nothing in life is free" is a time-honored principle that is embodied in the Bankruptcy Code's fraudulent transfer provisions.
Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow becomes the first female Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court By Michele M. Jochner November 2002 On September 5, 2002, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow became the first woman in more than 180 years to be elected Chief Justice of this state's highest tribunal.
Letter to the editor November 2002 As all of you know, this Committee sponsors the luncheon held during the Mid-Year meeting in December.
More perspectives on war August 2002 Editor's note: This is a response to a letter printed in Vol. 12 No. 3 of the Challenge by the author of the original article that sparked the debate.
Profiles: Justice Rita B. Garman November 2002 Justice Garman started her path to distinction early on, graduating as class valedictorian from Oswego High School.
Profiles: Justice Sue E. Myerscough By Sue E. Myerscough November 2002 Justice Myerscough has been tightly connected to the State and people of Illinois for many years.
Upcoming Events August 2002 The Defense Research Institute will be holding its Annual Meeting in San Francisco at the Marriot this year from October 2nd to October 6th.