2018 Articles

Can a court grant a new trial based on proof that racial bias affected jury deliberations? SCOTUS says YES. By Khara Coleman February 2018 While there are a number of articles and published analyses concerning the Peña-Rodriguez opinion, it clearly does not come with a recipe or cure for the “pernicious” influence of racial bias in a jury pool.
Chair’s column By Yolaine Dauphin February 2018 If hate is the currency being used to divide our society, we must fight it at every turn. REM Committee Chair Yolaine Dauphin is proud of the efforts of this Committee's members to pursue the values of diversity and inclusion.
Five courtroom tips for new lawyers By Jameika Mangum October 2018 Five tips to help new lawyers navigate the courtroom.
Illinois among minority of states requiring CLE on mental health and diversity issues: Q & A on recent amendments to Ill. S. Ct. R. 794(d) By Khara Coleman & Sonni C. Williams February 2018 One of our own REM Committee members has been involved in the effort to make Illinois a leader in diversity and inclusion issues – and has volunteered to answer a few questions for Illinois lawyers.
Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Equality on implicit bias in the courts By Beverly A. Allen October 2018 Unconscious preconceptions of those involved in the legal process, including judges, attorneys, and jurors, can be detrimental to the public’s assessment of the judiciary as a system that is fair, unbiased, and transparent.
Immigrants (We get the job done) By Hon. Geraldine D’Souza February 2018 As members of the legal community we must let our voice be heard and make sure our country continues to be the land of opportunity and the melting pot that we cherish so dearly.
Letter from the Editor: Review of the podcast Seeing White By Khara Coleman February 2018 In December 2017, National Public Radio named Seeing White as one of the nine favorite podcast series of the year.
Letter from the editor: Thoughts on implicit racial bias By Khara Coleman October 2018 A note from the editor of the Standing Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, Khara Coleman.
A modern-day dual sword of Damocles: The current threat looming over sanctuary cities By Juanita B. Rodriguez October 2018 As immigration reform rises to the top of the nation's political agenda, emphatic rhetoric from both sides centers on sanctuary policies enacted by state and local governments.