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Chairman’s note By Jorge Montes May 2005 Biblical scripture admonishes us to "give honor to whom honor is due." So many kudos go to Ole Pace for once again placing bar diversity on the front burner of the ISBA's agenda.
From the Editor By Susan M. Brazas February 2005 In this issue we feature an article about newly appointed Magistrate Judge Donald Wilkerson, the first minority to serve on the Southern District of Illinois judiciary. T
“Inspiring Women”-The Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project marks six years of service to women and children in need By Michele M. Jochner & Yolaine Dauphin May 2005 On two days in May, the Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project, a collaborative effort of nine area bar associations, will celebrate its sixth anniversary of joining several hundred volunteers-including judges, attorneys and friends of the legal community-together to provide services to women and children in need throughout Illinois.
Inspiring Women-Women Everywhere: Partners in Service gears up for 2005! February 2005 WE is a volunteer collective aimed at soliciting and coordinating volunteer activities on behalf of women and children in need.
It’s not rocket science-It just feels like it By Jeanne Miller May 2005 A day in the life of a work-from-home attorney.
Join us for a tax day diversion! Lawyer’s Workshop makes Downstate debut April 15 By Alice M. Noble-Allgire February 2005 A distinguished slate of Metro East lawyers and judges has been assembled for this year's Lawyer's Workshop, which is making its debut in downstate Illinois with a mix of "nuts and bolts" and "cutting edge" presentations on Family Law, Civil Discovery, Attorney Ethics and Federal Practice.
Juvenile Court Benchmark Hearings “A local strategy for a national problem” By Hon. Patricia Holmes June 2005 Thousands of children across the country have been found to be abused or neglected and are placed in foster care on a yearly basis.
The potential implications of the University of Michigan cases on public sector employment: Opening up leadership in the public sector workplace? By Vickie A. Gillespie & Laura H. Anderson September 2005 In 2003, the Supreme Court considered, for the first time since its 1978 decision in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke,1 whether the use of race as a factor for admitting students to an institution of higher education violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Profile of Judge Donald Wilkerson By Jennifer Claire Sprague February 2005 Donald Wilkerson assumed his duties as magistrate judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois on January 4, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the classroom, the courtroom, and the local community.
Reaching law students-Mission accomplished By Galen Caldwell & Andrew Fox May 2005 Reaching law students and getting them to join the ISBA in the future is no easy task, but the ISBA Standing Committee on Minority and Women Participation has risen to the occasion.
Social security reform: Bad news for the distaff side By Lorraine Schmall June 2005 President George W Bush wants to reform Social Security. His team of professional writers and partisan advocates explain his program at such government Web sites as Treasury's and the Social Security Administration's obliquely-named
Voice of a Co-Editor By Vickie Gillio September 2005 This edition of The Challenge is the last edition where I will be serving as Co-Editor.
Voice of the co-editor By Vickie Gillio June 2005 The true richness in both talent and concern for women and minority and issues close to their hearts is demonstrated in this issue.
Voice of the co-editor By Vickie Gillio May 2005 This edition of "The Challenge" is a more personal focus on outreach by committee members to women and minority law students and the description of how one lawyer has formatted her practice to fit the contours of her life.