2003 Articles

Affirmative action in higher education revisited: 2003 Supreme Court decisions By Vickie Gillio & Joy A. Roberts September 2003 This is a special edition of the newsletter), as the entire edition is devoted to an evaluation of the use of affirmative action policies in higher education institutions and its implications on law school admissions.
Amendment to Human Rights Act addresses employee use of language other than English in the workplace By Yvonne M. Kato December 2003 On Friday, July 18, 2003, Governor Blagojovich signed Senate Bill 679 into law. This amended the Illinois Human Rights Act to provide that employers can no longer discriminate against their employees who speak multiple languages.
Analysis: IRA’s contribution to peace indispensable By Jim Gibney January 2003 August 31, 1994-IRA Announces cessation of military operations.
Case analysis—Hope v. Pelzer By Yvonne M. Kato May 2003 This past summer, the Supreme Court issued another decision in the long line of cases involving qualified immunity defenses and section 1983 suits.
The Chair’s opinion By Richard N. Porter December 2003 House Bill 3064 is currently pending in the Illinois Legislature.
Civility in daily life: Give ‘em the finger By Michael W. Raridon December 2003 I was driving back to my office, loudly grooving on my Three Dog Night's Greatest Hits CD, when this guy in a pickup truck gave me the finger.
Committee member appointed by Governor May 2003 Congratulations go out to Committee Member Zaldwaynaka "Z" Scott on her recent appointment by Governor Blagojevich to an Inspector General position.
Committee member chosen by Oprah May 2003 Timijanel Boyd-Odom ("Timi") recently appeared on the Oprah Show (May 12, 2003) after being selected from thousands of entries from viewers who had challenges in their homes regarding decorating a room.
The court watchers By Susan M. Witt January 2003 There are two things that I remember about my Trial Advocacy class in law school.
Editor’s note January 2003 Many of you are familiar with the "troubles" that have plagued Ireland for many decades.
Finding my way home By Susan M. Witt December 2003 I kept walking straight ahead on the path that cut a diagonal line through the lush botanical garden.
Freedom Oil codification January 2003 Portions of proposal 93-17 were first brought to the attention of the ISBA in 2000 by the Local Government Section Council, seeking to codify the holding in Freedom Oil Co. v. Ill. Pollution Board on behalf of municipalities, units of local government and school districts.
ISBA member and WBAI President Elizabeth Budzinski appointed as Associate Judge in Circuit Court of Cook County By Susan M. Witt December 2003 Elizabeth M. Budzinski, well known to many within the ISBA , was appointed Associate Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County on April 22, 2003.
A justice gone awry By Randy Wilt December 2003 As an attorney, the dispute in Alabama involving the monument to the Ten Commandments raised concerns that have nothing to do with the separation of church and state.
Life’s lessons By Jorge Montes May 2003 Recently I was jogging with my nephew Manny in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood when I spotted a "teachable moment" for my nephew, a student at DePaul.
Looking out for ourselves By Susan M. Witt January 2003 I remember sitting in that courtroom and hearing the hours of talk about suffering, violence, and grief.
Obiter dictum By John Readen, Jr. December 2003 Perhaps soon to be old news, the Alabama Supreme Court's recent run-in with the Ten Commandments is really not about what we read in the headlines.
Who’s the consignee? Seventh Circuit reverses judgment against warehouseman for demurrage charges By William D. Brejcha December 2003 The U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago has reversed a summary judgment in favor of the Illinois Central Railroad ("the IC) for demurrage charges against a warehouseman which provided storage in transit services in Illinois Central Railroad Company v. South Tec Development Warehouse, No. 02-2957 (July 23, 2003).