2021 Articles

Letter From the Ex-Officio By Khara Coleman September 2021 A note from the ex officio.
Making Juvenile Justice ‘Just’ By Judge Ramon Ocasio, III March 2021 For members of the bar and the judiciary, current events have provided us with an opportunity to initiate and to contribute to a conversation about juvenile justice.
Northern District of Illinois Chief Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer Appoints Diversity Committee By Glenn Gaffney March 2021 Chief Judge Rebecca R. Pallmeyer has appointed various individuals to a newly-formed racial justice and diversity committee.
Rule 8.4(g) Case Update: Eliminating Bias v. the First Amendment By Athena T. Taite September 2021 The Supreme Court of Colorado issued an opinion on June 7, 2021, responding to an argument that its ethics rule, intended to address bias in the legal system, improperly limits free speech.
Ten Years Since ‘The New Jim Crow’—Book Review and Reflections By Khara Coleman March 2021 A summary and review of Michelle Alexander's 2010 book, 'The New Jim Crow.'
The View From the Chair: Reflections on the Legacy of Ida Platt and Diversity and Inclusion By Khara Coleman March 2021 Reflections on diversity and inclusion from the chair, Khara Coleman.