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2019 Articles

Diversity and inclusion in nonprofit organizations By Beverly A. Allen June 2019 It is imperative that nonprofits continue to exist and flourish, and in order to do so, they must be willing to promote diversity and inclusiveness.
Getting ‘put on papers:’ The case against informal support arrangements By Sherlyn Smith January 2019 Despite the frustrations and inadequacies of the legally enforceable child support system, there are several substantial drawbacks to informal child support arrangements.
Letter from the editor on the summer of 1919 By Khara Coleman June 2019 Reflections on the longstanding history of ethnic division and hostility in Chicago.
Letter From the Editor: Remembering and Considering Voting Rights for Racial and Ethnic Minorities By Khara Coleman October 2019 A look at the right to vote from the perspective of racial and ethnic minorities as we commemorate the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019: A different perspective on the ‘legacy’ of MLK Jr. from civil rights attorney Vernon Jordan By Sharon L. Eiseman January 2019 While it is important to honor Martin Luther King Jr. for his accomplishments and celebrate his storied career as a civil rights activist, we must continue to work to keep his dream alive.
Reflections on Brown v. Board after 65 years By Khara Coleman June 2019 May 2019 marked 65 years since Board v. Brown, the seminal case on access to public education in the United States.
REM: Continuing to ensure that diversity is at the forefront of the ISBA By Kenya Jenkins-Wright January 2019 A note from the chair of the Standing Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities & the Law, Kenya Jenkins-Wright.
A rousing WELCOME to the newest members of the Illinois bar! By Khara Coleman January 2019 Words of welcome to the newest attorneys in Illinois from the editor of the Standing Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities & the Law, Khara Coleman.
Spotlight on Bianca B. Brown, ISBA Diversity Leadership Fellow By Masah S. SamForay June 2019 A Q-and-A with Bianca Brown, who has been reappointed as an ISBA Diversity Leadership Fellow.
Spotlight: Appellate Justice Carl Anthony Walker By Judge Geraldine D’Souza January 2019 A spotlight on Justice Carl Anthony Walker.
There Is No Home for Me Here: The Erasure of African American Women and Their Role in the Suffrage Movement By Sharon L. Eiseman October 2019 Why, as we near the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, we must shine a light on the brave African American women who played a role in the suffrage movement.