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2020 Articles

Chair’s Column By Masah SamForay June 2020 A note from the outgoing chair, Masah SamForay.
The Disparate Impact of COVID-19 in Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities By Masah SamForay June 2020 A look at the disparate health impacts of COVID-19 on racial and ethnic minority groups and steps lawyers can take to help.
Do All Americans Deserve Birthright Citizenship? By Hon. Geraldine D’Souza February 2020 A look at the history and future of birthright citizenship in the United States.
Implicit Bias: How Far Are We Really? By Bianca B. Brown February 2020 Strides in diversity efforts have not sufficiently addressed implicit bias.
Letter From the Editor By Khara Coleman June 2020 A note from the editor, Khara Coleman.
New Member Spotlight on REM Member Maryam H. Arfeen By Maryam H. Arfeen February 2020 A spotlight on Maryam H. Arfeen.
A Note From the Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on REM By Khara Coleman February 2020 A note from the vice chair, Khara Coleman.
Recognizing the Past and Present Challenges Faced by Asian/Pacific Americans This Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month By Maryam Arfeen & Sharon Eiseman June 2020 A look at the historical legal challenges faced by Asian/Pacific Americans and the steep increase in discriminatory conduct and harassment against members of this community during the coronavirus pandemic. 
Spotlight on REM Member Sherlyn Smith By Sherlyn Smith June 2020 A spotlight on Sherlyn Smith.
Why Estate Planning Is Relevant to Minority Communities By Ebony R. Huddleston June 2020 By thinking of estate planning on a larger scale, minority communities can position themselves to retain more control over life and legacy.
Why So Insecure? An Internal Reflection on the Gender-Racial Gap & Lower Self-Confidence By Sonni Choi Williams February 2020 A look at the confidence gap between minority female attorneys and their white male counterparts.