2017 Articles

Batson revisited: Exploring racial bias in contemporary jury selection By Timothy James Ting January 2017 Thirty years have passed since the hallmark decision of Batson v. Kentucky,. While racial discrimination in jury selection may no longer exist in such a blatant fashion as it did in yesteryear, attorneys should be aware of the subtle racial bias still present in contemporary jury selection.
Housing Justice v. Housing Injustice CLE program summary By Sharon Eiseman June 2017 Following is the ‘syllabus’ that the CLE Planning Committee of REM developed for the CLE Program Series on Housing Justice v. Housing Injustice.
Legal aid should lead in the pursuit of racial justice By Beverly Allen January 2017 Legal aid organizations must revamp their approach to poverty issues and their programming in order to achieve success in the war on poverty and in providing access to justice to those minority populations that have been sidelined for decades.
Pro bono opportunities: Plan on serving in 2017 By Damian Ortiz June 2017 Pro Bono Month in Illinois is in October, but there's no need to wait if you're interested in providing services to our communities. Here's what you need to know.
Recent SCOTUS opinion raises hope for municipalities struggling to recover from effects of predatory lending practices By Sharon Eiseman June 2017 If Miami is able to show that the disproportionate numbers of defaults and foreclosures arising from the discriminatory lending practices of the Banks concentrated in segregated communities are “directly related” to the City’s loss of property tax revenues and the need for increased municipal services to assist those devastated communities, then monetary damages may be its reward.
SCOTUS upholds affirmative action program at University of Texas at Austin By Khara Coleman January 2017 The striking contrast in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin between the manner in which the majority and the dissent view the consideration of race as a factor in admissions is alarmingly difficult to reconcile with the notion of an America that has—or can—come to terms with a history of legally sanctioned racism.
Should you seek admission to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States of America? By Khara Coleman June 2017 There is no age requirement—admission is available to any lawyer admitted to practice in one of the United States, young or old. Each applicant must identify two sponsors who have already been admitted to the SCOTUS bar.
Spotlight on REM members: What a phenomenon—She never stops moving and giving! By Sharon Eiseman June 2017 Learn more about REM member Masah Renwick.
Trump’s incoming administration—An immigration attorney’s perspective By Marissa Hanson January 2017 The author interviews immigration attorney Diana Mendoza Pacheco about what might be on the horizon for immigrants.