2009 Articles

The City of Chicago renews its commitment to minority and women-owned businesses By Daniel R. Saeedi November 2009 The City of Chicago has recently renewed its Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program, an affirmative action program in construction with goals for awarding 24% of City construction contracts to Minority-owned Business Enterprises and 4% to Women-owned Business Enterprises. 
The commitment to diversity should be a badge worn every day By Sonni Choi Williams November 2009 As the Peoria County Bar Association celebrated its 6th Annual Diversity Luncheon, I looked at the crowded room filled with more than 300 attendees including judges, ISBA representatives, school board members, students, and lawyers and felt proud that so many came out to support the commitment to diversity. But my celebratory mood dampened when I was also reminded of how easily the call and commitment to diversity can be overshadowed by a five-star event and the all-so-convenient excuse of the current economic downturn.
How far have we come in eradicating discrimination in our profession and what is the blueprint for the future? By Sharon L. Eiseman November 2009 Like any occupation, the legal profession has not been immune from workplace problems like discrimination, hostile environment, harassment and retaliation
Interview with Julie Bauer By Paula H. Holderman November 2009 Julie A. Bauer is an equity partner with the international law firm of Winston & Strawn LLP, headquartered in Chicago. 
Reflections on World AIDS Day By Yolaine Dauphin November 2009 According to The Skeptics Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis, a book authored by Dale Hanson Bourke, approximately 8,500 people die of AIDS every day.