2016 Articles

Batson turns 30 but still has growing pains By Tom Schanzle-Haskins May 2016 Though the Batson holding has been in effect for 30 years, the Courts and commentators still grapple with how to best implement it in the trial court.
Chair comments and ‘introductions’ of more REM members By Sharon L. Eiseman October 2016 Learn more about this Committee's activities and hard-working members.
Chair’s column By Athena T. Taite May 2016 A message from Committee Chair Athena Taite.
Comments from the incoming Chair By Sharon L. Eiseman June 2016 A message from Sharon Eiseman, who will take her place as Chair of this Committee at the ISBA's Annual Meeting later this month.
Editor’s note By Khara Coleman May 2016 An introduction to the articles in this issue from Editor Khara Coleman.
Feature: Spotlight on REM members—A Tale of Two “Sisters-in-the-Law” and Their Parallel and Intertwined Pathways to the Bench By Masah S. Renwick October 2016 Recently appointed judges J. Imani Drew and Geraldine D'Souza have followed fascinating paths to their present positions.
The Indian Child Welfare Act: No clear Illinois guidance By Lisa Giese & Lindsay Michelle Jurgensen May 2016 It is crucial for Native American families, attorneys, and courts to understand the nuances of ICWA and its applicability in order to navigate child custody proceedings involving children of Native American descent.
Issues involving the Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE) Act: How the CCEA is a politically generated “quick fix” to the “War on Drugs” By Kenisha A. Day October 2016 While Congress’ concern about drug abuse in America is justified, a major concern with mandatory minimum statutes like the CCEA, is the probability that it is applied disproportionately. Arguably, the CCEA is applied almost exclusively to minority groups.
Mentoring in Law: Necessity & Opportunity By Michael Alkaraki May 2016 Often, and contrary to many employers' concerns, new lawyers do in fact possess the skills needed to hit the ground running-- they simply lack the confidence and sense of direction that come largely through experience. Fortunately there are resources that can help.
Photos from the Symposium on College Sexual Assaults June 2016 See photos of the speakers and attendees of this important event.
Recent Illinois Appellate Court opinion, in concert with the new Act on preventing sexual assault on college campuses, may help curb such violence By Sharon L. Eiseman October 2016 The case, Omid Shariat Razavi v. Eva Walkuski and Ariel Zekelman and School of the Art Institute of Chicago, furthers the protections afforded to those students who report their attackers to school personnel.
So you want to be a media star? What you can learn from the judges and lawyers who appear in the media By Hon. Geraldine A. D’Souza October 2016 Explaining legal issues and court proceedings to the public and having a public who is educated about the legal issues which the courts face every day can only lead to a better court system overall and more trust in the system as a whole.
Spotlight on REM members (and past members!): What a Guy—He Never Stops Giving! By Sharon L. Eiseman October 2016 REM Committee member Cory White was recently elected by the ISBA's Board of Governor's to the position of Delegate to the American Bar Association.
Will climate change come soon to college campuses? A Coalition of Diverse Bar Groups Hosts a Historic Symposium on Emerging Law and Other Interventions to Address the Ongoing Scourge Of Sexual Assault on College Campuses By Sharon L. Eiseman June 2016 This past November 6, an incredible all-day Symposium on Sexual Assaults on Campus took place at Chicago’s School of the Art Institute.