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2009 Articles

Death penalty doomed, just one question: Will it be sooner rather than later? By Jeremy Schroeder October 2009 Like watching a thunderstorm approach across the plains, we wait silently for history to judge us for our use of the death penalty. 
Editors’ note By Patrick J. Hughes & Anthony E. Rothert February 2009 An introduction to the issue from Editors Pat Hughes and Anthony Rothert.
From the Chair By Sean O’Brien September 2009 A note from section chair Sean O'Brien.
From the Chair By Kenneth Dobbs May 2009  The Chair of the Human Rights Section shares why he chose his profession.
From the Chair By Kenneth Dobbs January 2009 A message from section chair Kenneth Dobbs.
From the Chair* By Sean O’Brien October 2009 The ISBA opposes the death penalty in Illinois!
Immigration in the context of human rights: A focus on bi-national same sex couples By Natalie Vera May 2009 In today’s society, where there exists a rapidly evolving notion and composition of the family, our immigration laws are antiquated and incapable of securing and protecting the wide variety of family structures that exist in the United States.
Lawn Rangers Inaugural Report By Thomas A. Bruno February 2009 A lighthearted story from author Thomas Bruno.
Mental retardation: Mitigating or aggravating factor in sentencing? By Thomas A. Bruno January 2009 The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled on the proper application of mental retardation as a mitigating or aggravating factor in sentencing in People v. Heider, Docket No. 103859, decided May, 2008.
Pregnant inmates suffer human rights violations By Cynthia West September 2009 Pregnant women in prison need better access standard health care, reasonable bodily movement and freedom from shackles and restraints during transport to the hospital, labor and delivery.
Reinvigorating Habeas Corpus: Ruling on “actual innocence” By Sheila M. Murphy October 2009 In Re Troy Anthony Davis was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, No.08-1443 (Aug. 17, 2009), over the dissent of Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas.  
Remarks of Douglass Cassel on receiving the Elmer Gertz Award from the Illinois State Bar Association, Union League Club, Chicago By Douglass Cassel January 2009 The remarks given by Douglass Cassel as he accepted the Elmer Gertz Award.
The silencing of student speech By Jennifer Lee May 2009 Under Morse v. Frederick, schools may now regulate speech that can reasonably be perceived as “promoting illegal drug-use.”
Supreme Court sticks to two-part analysis in death penalty cases By Nathan Howard January 2009 Last term, the Supreme Court reinforced its two-part analysis for consideration of whether the death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment proscription on cruel and unusual punishment in a given case.