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The 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: Cause for celebration, reflection and renewal By Maggie Noe February 2015 The author argues that while there has been significant progress in achieving racial equality in many areas of American society, the promise of Brown for school children has not been fulfilled.
Bills, Quills and Stills offers something for everyone, but most of all the serious scholar By John Otrompke September 2015 A review of this new release published by the ABA.
Can Alabama roll with the rainbow tide? By Heidi Ramos May 2015 In response to the Supreme Court’s anticipated ruling, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore tendered a written order to the state’s probate judges instructing them to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses.
Case review: Castillo v. Dep’t of Human Rights By Michael J. Maslanka September 2015 The case of Castillo v. Department of Human Rights, et al., deals with illegal discrimination in the rental of an apartment under the Illinois Human Rights Act.
A decision, finally, after nineteen years: Case review By Michael J. Maslanka January 2015 Although the order in this case was filed under Supreme Court Rule 23, it has a very interesting history and some good tips for employers. Unfortunately, it is also a sad commentary on the delay of justice in some cases.
Editorial: Is same-sex marriage headed to the Supreme Court? By Kathryn E. Eisenhart January 2015 The Sixth Circuit has set the stage for the Supreme Court to determine whether prohibition of same-sex marriage is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.
An explanation of the guidelines governing police conduct regarding use of force By Jay Barnett February 2015 The author, who served as an officer with the Oklahoma City Police officer for more than 20 years, shares some insight about a police officer's state of mind on the job.
From the Chair By Kelli Childress September 2015 A message from Human Rights Section Chair Kelli Childress.
From the Chair By Peter LaSorsa May 2015 A message from Chair Peter LaSorsa.
From the Chair By Peter LaSorsa February 2015 Section Chair Peter LaSorsa shares his thoughts on the shooting of Michael Brown.
Human rights violations: The detention of immigrant children and families By Helen Harnett January 2015 Since 2011, the number of individuals seeking asylum in the United States from Mexico and three Central American countries has steadily increased. After an initial burst of media activity around the arrivals, the current plight of those children is not in the spotlight.
Illinois appellate court takes position on special immigrant juvenile petition By Shannon M. Shepherd October 2015 In Estate of Nina L., the Illinois Appellate Court vacated the trial court’s refusal to make certain findings, which would allow a minor child to petition for immigration benefits as a Special Immigrant Juvenile.
The Illinois Youth Mental Health Protection Act: Protecting Illinois youth from the quack science of conversion therapy By Adam Bolotin October 2015 Because Illinois has determined conversion therapy is harmful to children, the state is within its right to ban such therapy and parents have no constitutional protection in subjecting a child to it.
In support of same-sex marriage or marriage equality By Deidre Baumann May 2015 Today's the day when the U.S. Supreme Court will hear argument stemming from a Sixth Circuit decision upholding bans on same-sex marriage and marriage recognition in four consolidated cases.
Nobel Peace Prize of 2015 By Kathryn E. Eisenhart October 2015 Four Tunisian organizations comprising the National Dialogue Quartet have won the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.
A note from the editors By Kathryn E. Eisenhart & Robert Heuer May 2015 An introduction to the issue from co-editors Kathryn Eisenhart and Robert Heuer.
Out of touch: Shelby County v. Holder and the callous effects of Chief Justice Roberts’ equal state sovereignty By Adam Bolotin September 2015 Though Roberts’ opinion in Shelby County v. Holder not find preclearance unconstitutional, without a coverage formula discriminatory laws go into effect automatically and stay in effect pending the outcome of litigation.
Removing nationality as a punishment By Mark E. Wojcik February 2015 In January 2015, the Constitutional Council of France issued a ruling that authorized French authorities to remove the French nationality of a Moroccan man who became a French national in 2003.
Summary of United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruling in DeBoer v. Snyder By Heidi E. Ramos January 2015 On November 6, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued a ruling overturning district court rulings on behalf of the Plaintiffs, and in favor of the recognition of gay marriage, in the four states that make up the Sixth Circuit.
What the media isn’t telling you about the Redskins trademark lawsuit By Kay Weiler January 2015 While the media and a significant number of supporters of Native Americans have expressed outrage at the Eastern District of Virginia's recent decision, it is clearly aligned with U.S. law.
When the Pope speaks By Michael J. Maslanka October 2015 Have an opinion on the Pope's comment regarding the action or inaction of Kim Davis, County Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky? Let us know in the comments section of this article!
Why the U.S. Supreme Court should rule states, not courts, should determine if same-sex marriage is a right within individual states By Kathryn E. Eisenhart May 2015 If the U.S. Supreme Court determines that the federal courts have the last word on whether same-sex couples have the right to marry in any given state, then it is overruling the 2013 decision in U.S. v. Windsor.