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2013 Articles

Cameras in the courtroom and the right to gather information By Evan Bruno October 2013 As of September 2013, the judges of 35 Illinois counties have approved the use of extended media coverage.
Celebrating 140 years of female attorneys in Illinois By Catherine D. Battista January 2013 July 1, 2012 marked the 140th anniversary of women being granted the right to practice law in Illinois.
Civil liberty under fire: Can local law enforcement officials force blood tests from a drunk-driving suspect without a warrant? By Maggie Noe December 2013 In January 2013, the United States Supreme Court heard the case of McNeely v. Missouri, and ruled the non-consensual warrantless blood test violated the suspect’s right to be free from unreasonable search of his person.
The Civil Rights Game By Peter LaSorsa October 2013 The Civil Rights Game is an annual Major League Baseball game that honors the history of civil rights in the United States.
The constitutionality of criminalizing cyberbullying By Lauren Roadman January 2013 The growing problems of bullying and cyberbullying are forcing the government, as well as local communities, to look at ways to help solve these problems.
Does the Second Amendment present a human-rights issue? By Evan Bruno December 2013 There can be no doubt that the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights is alive and well. But to what extent does the right to “keep and bear arms” constitute a “human right?”
The Elmer Gertz Award By Mark E. Wojcik December 2013 Learn more about this award, which is designed to honor heroes of the legal community who have shown a continued commitment to preserve and advance human rights.
Elmer Gertz Award By Thomas A. Bruno October 2013 Learn more about this prestigious ISBA award and its past winners.
Evolving standards on standing in child care By Jeffrey A. Parness March 2013 This spring, the Illinois General Assembly may consider significant amendments to both the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act  and the Illinois Parentage Act.
From the Chair By Michael J. Maslanka December 2013 A message from Section Chair Mike Maslanka.
From the Chair By Michael J. Maslanka October 2013 A message from Section Chair Michael Maslanka.
From the Chair By Thomas A. Bruno March 2013 A message from Section Chair Tom Bruno.
Illinois Human Rights Commission decision summaries By Laura D. Mruk March 2013 Recent cases of interest to human rights law practitioners.
Legislation on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants presents administrative challenges to the Secretary of State’s Office By Marc Christopher Loro March 2013 This article reviews Public Act 97-1157's provisions, explains the challenges, and offers some thoughts on how those challenges could be met.
Resources provided by the ISBA Human Rights Section By Kenny Bhatt December 2013 Have you checked out the Human Rights Section's Web page recently?
Upcoming CLE program By Shannon M. Shepherd December 2013 Be sure to mark your calendar and attend this informative event!
What a difference a year makes for same-sex couples in Illinois By Shannon M. Shepherd December 2013 Governor Quinn signed the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act” on November 20, 2013, ending much speculation and confusion regarding Civil Unions and same-sex marriage in Illinois.
When is a spouse really a spouse? By Burton A. Gross October 2013 We all know that the meaning of the word “spouse” is evolving, and that evolution is occurring today at warp speed.