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2012 Articles

From the Chair By Thomas A. Bruno November 2012 A message from Human Rights Section Chair Tom Bruno.
Immigration update: Can civil union partners in Illinois apply for immigration benefits? By Shannon M. Shepherd November 2012 Are federal immigration benefits are available for our clients in same-sex relationships living in Illinois?
Is the use of facial recognition software an invasion of your privacy rights? By Peter LaSorsa October 2012 Individuals own their facial profile and at least in Illinois they are afforded some protections.
A new shield against governmental interference with religious entities By Fred J. Naffziger October 2012 In its most important religious freedom case in the past four decades, the Supreme Court recently handed attorneys defending religious institutions from governmental interference a significant shield.
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Supreme Court’s new term By Derrick Thompson, Jr. October 2012 By all accounts, the U.S. Supreme Court's 2012 term is expected to create major headlines with several high profile cases involving human rights, civil rights and civil liberties.
Supreme Court in review: The Affordable Care Act cases By Derrick Thompson, Jr. October 2012 In June, 2012, the Affordable Care Act was upheld in a 5-4 decision. The following is a brief synopsis of the issues before the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court’s answers to those issues.
The truth, nothing but the truth—And the threat to the First Amendment By Steven Helle November 2012 Plaintiffs in several remarkable recent cases have claimed that free speech should be regulated not because it is false, but because it is true.