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2014 Articles

4th Amendment Rights: Citizen awarded $250,000 after false arrest and imprisonment by Missouri State Highway Patrol Officer By Maggie Noe October 2014 An overview of the Doe v. Crank case and jury award.
Bill of Rights for the Homeless Act By Peter LaSorsa March 2014 The Bill of Rights for the Homeless Act, codified at 775 ILCS 45, provides seven specific rights to those “experiencing homelessness”
Class action lawsuits should cause Illinois immigration practitioners to re-think advice to clients detained under the Immigration and Nationality Act’s “mandatory detention” provision By Shannon M. Shepherd June 2014 The Immigration and Nationality Act requires detention of non-citizens charged with removability who have committed certain crimes. But due to the prolonged nature of immigration court cases, this can sometimes lead to lengthy detention of non-citizens even after they have served their sentences for the crime committed—raising serious human rights and constitutional questions.
The Domestic Worker Bill of Rights By Peter LaSorsa June 2014 The proposed Illinois Domestic Worker Bill of Rights acknowledges that domestic workers are “employees” under the Illinois Human Rights Act.
From the Chair By Peter LaSorsa October 2014 A message from Section Chair Peter LaSorsa.
From the Chair By Michael J. Maslanka June 2014 A message from Section Chair Michael Maslanka.
From the Chair By Michael J. Maslanka March 2014 A message from Human Rights Section Chair Mike Maslanka.
Human rights-related articles from Illinois law school journals in 2013 By Robert Heuer March 2014 A list of articles published in 2013 in Illinois law school journals relating to human rights issues in a broad range of legal topics.
Human trafficking in the United States By Steffanie L. Adams & Kathryn E. Eisenhart March 2014 An in-depth look at this pervasive problem.
Illinois should repeal its racial classification statutes By Evan Bruno October 2014 The author calls on Illinoisans of all shades and colors to urge their state representatives to repeal the Uniform Racial Classification Act and the State Employment Records Act.
Legislation intended to lower the employment barriers for people with disabilities By Ellis B. Levine March 2014 An overview of the Illinois Employment First Act, signed into law in July 2013.
Militarization of American police By Kathryn E. Eisenhart October 2014 American police have become increasingly militarized through federal programs providing both military weapons and military tactics training. But who is holding them accountable?
Police training By Peter LaSorsa October 2014 A look at the training that police officers receive prior to obtaining a badge and gun.
Restorative Justice By Sheila M. Murphy June 2014 The Illinois Bar Foundation has helped the people of Illinois, including lawyers, law students and judges, by providing funds to create a video on restorative justice.
The signing ceremony for the Religious Freedom & Marriage Fairness Act demonstrates that LGBT rights is the civil rights issue of this decade By Ellis B. Levine March 2014 The author shares his thoughts about Illinois' new Religious Freedom & Marriage Fairness Act.
Some Illinois same-sex marriages may be void By Evan Bruno June 2014 A well-meaning County Clerk's gesture of giving same-sex couples an extra few months of marriage might end up doing more harm than good.
Upcoming CLE program By Shannon M. Shepherd March 2014 Sign up now for this informative seminar that will take place later this week.