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2011 Articles

Analysis of order preliminarily enjoining Arizona S.B. 1070 By David W. Austin August 2011 S.B. 1070 has already generated a number of resolutions in both the Illinois House and Senate, as well as the Chicago City Council, all calling for its repeal.
A closer look: The text of the College Campus Press Act October 2011 The language of the legislation, which became effective June 1, 2008.
The College Campus Press Act should also protect high school journalists By Steven Helle October 2011 An argument to expand the College Campus Press Act to include high school journalists.
The College Campus Press Act should not be amended for high school journalists By Peter LaSorsa October 2011 The author states his case for why high school journalists should not be included under the College Campus Press Act.
From the Chair… By Anthony E. Rothert October 2011 An introduction to the issue from Section Chair Anthony Rothert.
From the Chair… By Anthony E. Rothert August 2011 An introduction to the issue from Human Rights Section Chair Anthony Rothert.
Immigration detainers violate human rights By Kelly Brackley December 2011 Why should immigrants be treated any differently from anyone else who is arrested—why are they denied due process?
It’s Game Over for proponents of videogame regulation By Steven Helle December 2011 Many courts have pointed out that no one has been able to establish anything more than a correlation—and not causation—between violence in videogames and real life. A look at the recently decided case of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Assn.
Meet the editors October 2011 Get to know the editors responsible for putting together the Human Rights newsletter.
Meet the members of the Human Rights Section Council December 2011 Get to know more about Human Rights Section Council members Michael Maslanka and Shannon Shepherd.
The new Arizona immigration law mirrors existing federal law By Peter LaSorsa August 2011 The federal government estimated that Arizona had one of the fastest growing illegal immigrant populations in the country, increasing from 330,000 in 2000 to 560,000 by 2008.
New Illinois FOIA and government’s obligation to speak By Steven Helle April 2011 A discussion of Illinois' Freedom of Information Act and the government’s responsibility and obligation to speak.
Restorative justice now! By Hon. Sheila M. Murphy April 2011 A call for restorative justice in Illinois.
Some comments from Arizona By Kathryn E. Eisenhart August 2011 Some thoughts about SB 1070 from author Kathryn Eisenhart.
Thoughts on Senate Bill 1070 By Scott Turner August 2011 According to author Scott Turner, "...if this bill is examined in a subjective way, one can see that the motivations behind Senate Bill 1070 have very little to do with race."