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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Business Advice and Financial Planning

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Newsletter Articles From 2000

Collegium 2000 fact pattern February 2000 Tiger Wolf, age 51, was the golden boy of your law school class: Law Review, Order of the Coif, and a great work ethic.
Collegium studies law firm organization September 2000 Two sessions of the 2000 Collegium convened in Chicago and Springfield on March 9 and March 17, respectively.
Editor’s column November 2000 Another year has gone by and the section council proudly has continued its longstanding record of service to the practicing bar.
Editor’s column September 2000 Greetings to all new members of the Business Advice and Financial Planning Section, and to our returnees, "welcome back."
Editor’s column June 2000 We close out this year's cycle of newsletters with a focus on estate planning and tax matters.
Editor’s column By Malcolm L. Morris February 2000 This edition of "The Counselor" is devoted to the upcoming collegium
Eleventh Annual Collegium November 2000 The Business Advice and Financial Planning Section Council is sponsoring its Annual Collegium in Chicago and Springfield.
Family gift trust By Patrick F. Daly June 2000 As the advisor to our personal and business clients we are called upon to give estate planning advice in the broadest sense.
Planning for higher education expenses By Christie S. Kennett November 2000 Paying higher education expenses can be a daunting task.
A position on digital signature laws and notarization November 2000 There is an emerging crisis that has begun to weaken critical consumer protections against document fraud.
Recent Illinois cases involving confidentiality and non-competition agreements By Gene A. Petersen September 2000 Several recent cases have been decided in the Illinois and federal courts involving the enforceability of non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements under Illinois law.
Summary of Business Advice and Financial Planning Section Council minutes September 2000   Friday, June 23, 2000 The Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva Fontana, WI Present: G. Petersen, Chair
Taxing family matters By Malcolm L. Morris June 2000 Representing businesses provides opportunities to encounter many different areas of law--none perhaps as challenging as tax matters.
View from the chair By Gene A. Petersen November 2000 Your section council has firmed up our meeting arrangements for the year. Our first meeting was held on September 16, 2000 in Urbana, Illinois.
View from the chair By Gene A. Petersen September 2000 I am honored to serve as chair of the Business Advice and Financial Planning Section Council for 2000-2001.
View from the chair By James M. Lestikow June 2000 This will be my final column as chair of the section council. I had several goals in mind at the outset of my term.
View from the chair By James M. Lestikow February 2000 As you will note from the minutes of the December section council meeting and the fact pattern published in this issue, the council is hard at work on Collegium 2000.