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2019 Articles

Always refresh and renew your guaranty By David Seidman April 2019 Attorneys must routinely advise their clients when they erroneously state that a guarantor’s responsibilities are not limited to the particular obligations set forth in the guaranty itself.
Commissions or bonuses? It makes a difference By Michael R. Lied March 2019 A summary of Daryl Sutula-Johnson v. Office Depot, Inc.
Estate and income planning tips and checklists By Dennis J. Jacknewitz March 2019 Practical information and tips to assist attorneys at the beginning of the estate planning process.
Illinois’ Incomprehensible Sales Tax Law By Keith Staats, J.D. December 2019 A post-Wayfair fix for leveling the playing field between online and brick-and-mortar retailers has made Illinois sales tax more unbalanced.  
Illinois Recognizes Successor Liability Under Human Rights Act By Michael R. Lied December 2019 In a recent appellate case, the court held that a corporate successor may be liable for the civil rights violation of a predecessor under the Illinois Human Rights Act.
New owner of contaminated property is liable for cleanup costs incurred before the purchase By Raymond T. Reott April 2019 The phrase “buyer beware” has been part of the legal lexicon for many years. The third circuit recently reemphasized its appropriateness in the context of environmental risks in property transfers.
Practical tips to protect your credit By Mary Stark-Hood July 2019 Data breaches have been occurring with more frequency over the past few years, so it is important to know how to protect your credit.
Quick Takes for Your Practice: Intellectual property basics—patents By Kenneth Matuszewich July 2019 Attorney Kenneth Matuszewski discusses the basics of utility and design patents, and how the two differ.
Take control: What every attorney should do to keep hackers at bay By Ruth E. Schneider April 2019 Although not every firm will be the subject of a multi-million dollar hacking heist, the risks and consequences of failing to secure client data are every bit as consequential to the reputation and future of the firm.
What every lawyer should know about the internet of things By Jonathan Nessler July 2019 The internet of things is an ever-expanding group of smart devices that have infiltrated our everyday lives and the daily operations of many law firms, but they present a number of security concerns.