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2009 Articles

Advising your clients regarding their Unemployment Insurance Act obligations By Anthony R. Phelps September 2009 Clients looking to form a new business are often surprised regarding the vast amounts of regulation controlling their new activities.
The basics of trademarks and trade secrets By Eugene F. Friedman June 2009 Summaries of basic Trademark and Trade Secret concepts for the general practitioner.
Employment agreements By Herbert J. Klein March 2009 Key points to consider in advising a client considering an employment agreement.
ERISA update By Amy L. Blaisdell & Wendy S. Menghini December 2009 During the economic downturn, it has become commonplace for putative class action lawsuits to be filed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) on the heels of federal securities cases against publicly traded companies and the directors and officers at their helm.
The Illinois Series Limited Liability Company—An overview By Richard M. Colombik & Linda Godfrey March 2009 The Illinois version of the Series Limited Liability Company (“Series LLC”) became effective on August 16, 2005.
Making business sense of building green in the Midwest By Christina Spicer December 2009 Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about green buildings and the high costs associated with building to green standards.
Malpractice waiting to happen By James Moster December 2009 There is a great deal of regulation in everything we do and in every business we start. Consider the fact that in one day in June 2009, the Illinois State legislature passed 800 new bills (this is not a misprint; it is 800). 
Mergers and acquisitions By James A. Nepple June 2009 In a general practice setting, a discussion of Mergers & Acquisitions will focus primarily on acquisitions, since statutory mergers are, in this context, used primarily to change entity, change domicile, or otherwise change the nature of the entity, rather than to acquire other companies.  
Succession issues By William T. Kaplan September 2009 An overview of common succession issues that arise when advising small businesses.