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2007 Articles

Accommodating the religious needs of employees By Mel Muskovitz June 2007 Over the past several years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has received an increase in the number of charges alleging religious discrimination.
Basic income taxation of entities and their owners By James A. Nepple June 2007 This article reviews how entities and their owners are taxed as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.
The critical role of employee controls in data security By Ryan Sulkin February 2007 Employees are key to a company’s successful compliance with various legal and administrative requirements involving data security.
Editor’s note By William T. Kaplan May 2007 Point I. With unabashed glee, we publish a second article by Mr. Dennis A. Norden. Mr. Norden is a “diamond in the rough” in that his personal demeanor leaves an erroneous impression of “roughness,” but his past article contained gems of wisdom usually not found in Section Council publications.
Editor’s note By William T. Kaplan February 2007 For the first time in a very long time , your editor has nothing to comment on.
Editor’s notes: The survey By William T. Kaplan June 2007 A message from Editor Bill Kaplan.
Illinois enacts laws granting new job rights to military personnel and their families By Jenifer H. Caracciolo February 2007 With the ever-increasing number of individuals in the military, the Illinois legislature has passed new laws giving greater protections to military personnel and their families.
The need and methods behind a valuation By Dr. Bart A. Basi December 2007 Along with deciding to engage in business succession planning and finding a successor, it is necessary to value the business.
Privilege causes family feud By Sandra Rubin December 2007 In this era of corporate transparency, protecting sensitive legal communications is becoming a tricky business.
Raising capital for small businesses By Elizabeth A. Bleakley May 2007 When obtaining venture capital or issuing securities, the business should rely on counsel familiar with the financing methods discussed in this article.
Realistic business succession planning for family businesses By Leonard S. DeFranco May 2007 Some suggestions that will enable the practitioner to steer the business owner to think realistically and plan successfully.
The second top 10 things they did not teach me in law school By Dennis A. Norden May 2007 A list of 10 things the author has learned on the job.
Sell your company and pay no tax! By Richard M. Colombik, JD,CPA February 2007 Your business has matured, or your real estate has appreciated, time to cash out and sell.