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2006 Articles

Asset, income or market approach—Which is the best choice? By Robert F. Filotto March 2006 One of the first critical steps in any Business Valuation is the selection of the proper Valuation Approach.
Editor’s notes By William T. Kaplan October 2006 On Saturday morning, October 14, 2006, in Springfield, the Business Advice & Financial Planning Section Council had a very productive meeting and worth the one (1) hour of credit that we may receive toward our minimum continuing legal education requirements.
Editor’s notes By William T. Kaplan May 2006 Read Mr. Norden’s article. It is one of the best “legal” articles we have published in The Counselor. These 10 points offer invaluable advice.
Editor’s notes By William T. Kaplan March 2006 Phewee. Here we thought we were safe from any criticism of the Editor’s Notes which appeared in the last edition of The Counselor.
Editor’s notes By William T. Kaplan January 2006 We are about as happy and content as a seven-year-old in a candy store or as a teenager who is about to experience his or her first sexual experience.
Financial planning for retirement plan assets under the new Bankruptcy Code By James A. Nepple January 2006 The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (“BAPA”) is effective beginning October 17, 2005.
From the Chair… January 2006 For the second time, I am honored and pleased to assume the role of Chairperson of the Business Advice and Financial Planning Section Council.
In honor of… Gene Petersen By Stuart H. Wolf January 2006 On February 9, 2005, the Section Council, the ISBA and attorneys throughout the state lost one of their most devoted friends, Gene Petersen, age 62.
Lowering financial risk in lending for projects By Valerie Greenberg May 2006 The banking/lending community has an emerging financial instrument available that minimizes risk in the loans they make.
Raising business capital through exempt securities offerings By Elizabeth A. Bleakley October 2006 At some point in time, most businesses need to raise capital from investors for start-up expenses, to stay in business, or to expand and grow.
Tax and trust fund issues By Richard M. Colombik & Linda Godfrey June 2006 A look at the legal difficulties that business owners may encounter when corners are cut with the Internal Revenue Service.
The top 10 things they did not teach me in law school By Dennis A. Norden May 2006 Upon starting the actual practice of our profession, nearly every attorney begins to realize how little he or she knows.
Wage garnishment—Not just the employee’s problem By Elizabeth A. Bleakley March 2006 Many employers view a wage garnishment as an unnecessary nuisance and “the employee’s problem.” However, an employer may be found liable for amounts not withheld or turned over in a timely manner under a properly served wage garnishment order.