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2001 Articles

Business Advice and Financial Planning Section Council minutes June 2001 Minutes of September 16, 2000. On the motion of David Sosin and the second of Ron Nelson the minutes were unanimously approved.
Calling all government attorneys February 2001 The ISBA's Standing Committee on Government Lawyers wants to include you in its constituency.
Collegium 2001 fact pattern April 2001 Bob Honig and Bill Gray have spent more than 30 years building a reputation in Wheaton, Illinois as professional Realtors and property managers.
Dealing with our “snowbird clients” By Ronald J. Nelson June 2001 Many of our "snowbird clients" have now returned from the sunny climate of Florida where they have spent the winter and early spring months, and many of these clients will no doubt bring questions to use, as Illinois practitioners, about their estates, and whether any steps need to be taken in the event they decide to relocate to, or spend more time in, Florida.
Developments under the Real Property Disclosure Act By Herbert J. Klein June 2001 The Residential Real Property Disclosure Act (RRPDA) was first enacted on October 1, 1994. Since that date it has been amended by the legislature and interpreted by several courts.
Editor’s column June 2001 Even though you may be reading this is in July, this is our fifth and last newsletter of the 2000-2001 fiscal year.
Editor’s column April 2001 Hard as it is to believe, thankfully the winter finally has come to an end. Before long we will be swapping winter tales of shoveling snow and fighting the cold at the Annual Meeting.
Editor’s column February 2001 Hopefully, each of you are off to a good new year
Financial identity theft By Philip R. Viktora June 2001 On August 13, 1999 Illinois enacted the "Financial Identity Theft and Asset Forfeiture Law."
Keeping things simple By Michael H. Erde February 2001 I just read an article in a business publication quoting a person who thought that Fannie Mae was a funny name for a mortgage company.
Lifetime settlements on life insurance policies By Tom Hansen June 2001 More than one out of five life policies insuring a senior citizen (65 years or older) have a fair market value that exceeds the policy's cash surrender value.
Piercing the corporate veil By Patrick F. Daly April 2001 In The People of the State of Illinois v. V & M Industries, 233 Ill.Dec. 218, 700 N.E.2d 746 (Ill. App. 5th Dist. 1998) the appellate court listed factors to be considered in determining when to "pierce the corporate veil."
Planning for higher education expenses By Christie S. Kennett February 2001 Although early planning is ideal when it comes to saving for college expenses, there are additional tax breaks available to taxpayers which may help reduce the burden of paying college expens
Protecting clients who care for an aged parent: the shifting burden of proof for fiduciaries By James M. Lestikow February 2001 The baby-boomers are now becoming caretakers for their aging parents.
Some final thoughts June 2001 As noted in the Chair's column, this is my final edition as editor of The Counselor.
The Statutory Power of Attorney For Property form’s latent glitch By James N. Mulvaney February 2001 Protecting lawyers and others from standard form drafting that is unsuitable for the user
Statutory Property Power of Attorney changes By John J. Horeled February 2001 The Illinois Power of Attorney Act (755 ILCS 45) was changed effective June 9, 2000.
Tax increment financing (TIF): a worthwhile program By Kathleen Field Orr June 2001 The term "TIF" (tax increment financing) has become a buzz word in the area of economic development and often is believed to be a give-away program to major businesses to add to their already overflowing coffers.
View from the chair By Gene A. Petersen June 2001 This will be my final column as chair of the section council. While my goals for the year were somewhat optimistic, we were able to accomplish many things.
View from the chair By Gene A. Petersen April 2001 As I mentioned in the last edition of our newsletter, the Council's Collegium was held in Chicago on March 3 and in Springfield on March 17.
View from the chair By Gene A. Petersen February 2001 The council has been hard at work on Collegium 2001 which will be held on March 3 in Chicago and March 17 in Springfield