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2017 Articles

Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act By Bernard G. Peter October 2017 An overview of this Act, which requires most employers in Illinois to offer a retirement program or provide employees a payroll deposit retirement savings arrangement provided for by the Act as of July 1, 2017.
Post-death conservation easements—Another way to save the farm? By Andrew G. White June 2017 A conservation easement is a contribution of a qualified real property interest to a qualified organization to be used exclusively for conservation purposes. Conservation purposes include, among other things, the preservation of farmland.
Pre-employment screening in Illinois By Lauryn E. Parks February 2017 A look at the federal and state restrictions on the use or scope of pre-employment inquiries into an applicant’s credit and/or criminal histories.
Raising capital for business: Recent changes expand your options By Elizabeth A. Bleakley June 2017 A summary of the significant new acts and regulations related to raising capital for small and emerging growth companies since 2012.
Technology at end-of-life: Estate planning for Millennials By Steven T. Mann October 2017 As estate planners, we owe it to our clients to make sure they can control how they are represented post-mortem. The fast and ever-changing pace of technology, however, is making this process more and more difficult.
Use of an estate planning questionnaire as part of a coordinated process in your practice By Dennis J. Jacknewitz & Brian T. McCarthy February 2017 A comprehensive form can ensure a thorough disclosure and complete analysis of the client’s potential estate. A sample form used by the authors is included here.
Who gets the painting on the living room wall? By Cary A. Lind October 2017 Distributing tangible property can be one of the most trying tasks that a fiduciary has, whether the distribution is through a Probate estate or through a trust.