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2018 Articles

California passes sweeping new internet privacy legislation By Ari Scharg October 2018 California recently passed a sweeping new privacy law that could dramatically change the way tech giants collect and monetize consumers’ personal data.
Every company needs an anti-harassment program By Alan M. Kaplan January 2018 Every employer needs to implement an anti-harassment program. Here's what it should include.
Fraudster and victim both fail to shift loss By Stephen M. Proctor January 2018 In three recent cases, the perpetrator of the fraud and the victim failed in their efforts to shift their loss.
New federal government ruling approves companies’ employment policies By Alan M. Kaplan October 2018 To protect a company’s intellectual property, companies need to be mindful of federal and state statutes and regulations as well as decisions by different government agencies.
Retailors take note: Commission sales in Illinois By Douglas Darch October 2018 A recent seventh circuit decision makes clear that in Illinois there is a distinction between "commissions" and "bonuses."