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2005 Articles

Can restrictive covenants really restrict? By Patti S. Levinson June 2005 Restrictive covenants are similar to pre-nuptial agreements.
Case comment: Jahn v. Kinderman By Michael J. Weicher April 2005 Jahn v. Kinderman discussed several issues related to claims of oppression and deadlock based on Section 12.56 of the Illinois Business Corporation Act.
The economics of a business law practice By Carl R. Draper April 2005 Lawyers, generally and especially attorneys who focus on "business law," are quick to advise clients on the need to plan.
Editor’s notes June 2005 Articles would be appropriate but we are realistic and realize that we will probably not receive any articles from our readers.
Editor’s notes April 2005 This month we are soliciting and seeking something very special.
Editor’s notes By William T. Kaplan February 2005 We continue to encourage a "Prod and Nod" column in this newsletter where you may vent or praise any State of Illinois agency with which you recently interacted.
Financial planning for clients By John J. Horeled June 2005 It is very important for an attorney to obtain a general knowledge of financial planning for the best interests of the client.
Is there “value” in a “valuation”? By Bart A. Basi February 2005 The client, an owner of a small industrial shop, had poured blood, sweat and tears into the Company but without any heirs, decided that now was the proper time to sell.
Maximizing your business’ value: Improving your operation and profitability By Bart A. Basi & Marcus S. Renwick June 2005 The time is ripe to sell a business! With interest rates being low, the economy growing, capital and ordinary gains tax rates being low, and tax rules as they are, now is the best time to sell a business.