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2003 Articles

Arbitration of disputes before The New York Stock Exchange By James F. Dunneback February 2003 Many of the national securities markets provide a mechanism for resolution of customer and employer/ employee disputes
Business law case update April 2003 Following is a review of recent case law impacting various areas of business law.
Controlling “crisis” response will determine corporate survival By Valerie C. Perera & Geary W. Sikich June 2003 Corporate America is facing a time unparalleled in history. Since the events on that fateful morning of September 11th, the landscape of business has fundamentally changed.
Creative tax strategy for business clients By Patrick F. Daly February 2003 Have you ever had a business client call and tell you that they are moving the business?
Editor’s column By William T. Kaplan June 2003 Oops! We made a glaring error in the April 2003 edition of The Counselor.
Editor’s column By William T. Kaplan February 2003 The Chairperson has raised various questions about a topic that is neglected by this council.
Editor’s notes By William T. Kaplan September 2003 We are about to rectify an area of neglect. The Section Council is known as Business Advice and Financial Planning.
Enforcement of municipal ordinances—A new, efficient method By Kathleen Field Orr June 2003 Every profession has its own set of regularly occurring frustrating circumstances. For example, a police officer is often forced to abandon an investigation in order to preserve an individual's right of privacy; the teacher is always required to have the simplest curriculum change make its way through a bureaucratic maze before implementation is permitted; or, the administrator is mandated to take a certain tact due to political factors instead of following a higher set of standards
Financial independence: Start planning for your retirement now By Michael J. Basso September 2003 Most of us find it easier to earn and spend money than it is to save it. There are easy and painless ways to save for retiremen
The financial planner By Cindy Menker September 2003 "To the Rescue," an article published in the February 2003 edition of Smart Money Magazine, notes that there are approximately 650,000 in the financial planning field workforce.
The name game: Preventing trademark infringement against newly formed businesses By A. Jay Goldstein & Christina M. Berish June 2003 One, two, even 10 years after forming a new business, it is not unheard of for a company to receive a demand to discontinue the use of their name.
Notes from the Chair By John J. Horeled February 2003 In my four years on the section council, little time has been spent on the second part of our name, which is "financial planning."
Reaping the benefits of a financial planner By Patrick Baldwin & Gary Stern September 2003 By working with a trusted financial planner as a partner, you can strengthen your client relationships and provide more insight beyond developing and implementing estate plans.
Selling a distribution business in a down market By Bart A. Basi April 2003 After the boom years of the 1990s, more corporations now are in financial trouble as the economy slows, profits disappear, and revenues shrink
The story of annuities—Their use and disuse By Robert M. Eberhardt September 2003 This article is intended to be a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of annuities by Financial Planners, and more specifically Certified Financial Planners ("CFP").
Wealth protection planning: An important planning tool By William A. Ensing April 2003 As estate and financial advisors, we are accustomed to the application of traditional planning using estate and wealth transfer planning vehicles, such as the variety of revocable and irrevocable trusts together with life insurance trusts, to mitigate client concerns and accomplish as many of the end-of-life planning objectives as possible.