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Newsletter Articles From 2000

AbacusLaw 13 By Adrienne W. Albrecht June 2000 AbacusLaw 13 is a lawyer docketing and case management program. Installation was easy and intuitive.
Boot camp graduate By Jerry Gorman May 2000 April 27 was a beautiful day in Chicago. And despite my concerns about ineptitude and an always-present desire to be playing golf on such days, I made my way to the Chicago Regional Office of the ISBA to report for boot camp.
Comments from the chair By Roger L. Rutherford October 2000 No one will argue with the fact that technology has changed our lives. History will probably record technology at the forefront of the significant accomplishments of the 20th century.
Do I really need to backup? By Nerino J. Petro October 2000 You just finished the brief for the most important case this year. You get ready to leave for the day--you shut off the lights, set the alarm and lock the door behind you. You haven't forgotten a thing ... or have you?
Electronic e-mail and BBS issues in a court challenge By David Clark June 2000 This case was called to my attention by the Honorable Judge James Bumgarner (retired) a member of the Standing Committee on Legal Technology.
Icalendar, the new interchange format for scheduling vcard, format for contacts By Adrienne W. Albrecht May 2000 Have you upgraded your calendar or docketing program lately? If you are one of the savvy small business owners who have frustrated the software industry by deciding to upgrade only when there is a good reason to do so, you should look into upgrading now.
Learning Adobe Acrobat By Jay Giusti June 2000 You probably realize that recent buzz about Acrobat isn't in reference to Cirque du Soleil. Todd Flaming's article in the April 2000 issue of the Illinois Bar Journal ("Electronic Briefs: The Time Has Come") is a timely and enthusiastic endorsement of Adobe's Acrobat software technology, based on the PDF document standard, to generate electronic briefs. Recent advertising in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin for ZMF Media's "ebrief" CD-ROM based appellate briefs' is based on Acrobat.
Legal uses of spreadsheets: those magical programs on your computer you’ve probably never even looked at By Adrienne W. Albrecht October 2000 Most computers on lawyer's desks have on them a suite office programs. The two most popular are Microsoft Office and WordPerfect Office Suite.
To share or not to share By James Bumgarner October 2000 Would you like to share the files and programs on your computer with millions of other computers? J
Using the undo feature to salvage documents in Word™ and WordPerfect™ By Marilyn Monrose October 2000 We've all done it. Working hours on a 200-page, heavily edited document, only to realize half way through (or at the end) that you forgot to make a new version!!
Worthwhile Web sites for Illinois lawyers, Part II By Chuck Bingaman May 2000 This is the second in a series of articles in this year's CoLT newsletter highlighting worthwhile Web sites for practicing lawyers.