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Newsletter Articles From 2002

The benefits of digital dictation and transcription By Adrienne W. Albrecht May 2002 A few months ago, there was a lengthy debate on the ISBA Internet discussion group about the relative benefits of digital recorders.
The best way to copy styles between documents in Word when using a document management program By Marilyn Monrose October 2002 Firms with document management applications such as DOCS Open® and iManage® sometimes have a difficult time copying styles between documents in Word.
Converting Word files to PDF By Adrienne W. Albrecht October 2002 Converting Word files to PDF format can involve a confusing array of choices and can result in a huge file, or one that does not convert navigation links correctly or completely.
Do it yourself: computer maintenance tips By David Clark April 2002 "Stick out your tongue and say 'Aaah!'" This phrase is unmistakably linked to a doctor's checkup.
Electronic filing By Karen Evie Kalnins May 2002 For some attorneys, filing court documents electronically brings to mind visions of complex technology that is hard to use and time-consuming to learn.
Formatting commands in word By Adrienne W. Albrecht April 2002 One of the most frustrating searches when learning Microsoft Word is for the commands and switches that set the desired format for words, numbers, and dates.
From the chair By Richard L. Turner December 2002 A treat in my daily spam... Among the things that I look for in my daily dose of spam and usually inconsequential e-mail messages and listserv surplusage is the E-mail Case Digest that Adrienne Albrecht, Vice-Chair of COLT, faithfully puts together at least a couple of times a week, I believe.
From the Chair By Pamela Perrone May 2002 In the last year, COLT has continued its mission with a focus on advising ISBA members on the implementation of technology in their law practices.
Governor Ryan issues order for integrated justice By David Clark April 2002 On December 6, 2001, Illinois Governor George Ryan issued an executive order that may begin the process for an integrated criminal justice system.
Helpful hints—security flaws in Internet Explorer By David Clark May 2002 Using a computer, without security from unauthorized entry or from viral and other infections, is a gamble most are unwilling to undertake.
Illinois e-filing: Ready for take-off? By Peter Mierzwa December 2002 Let's first define e-filing. It is the process of electronically transmitting documents to court instead of manually filing paper documents.
Illinois Integrated Justice Panel finishes work! By David Clark December 2002 The governing board authorized by Gov. George Ryan last December is putting the final touches on the Strategic Plan to be submitted to both the governor and the state Legislature.
Internet Explorer security flaws update By David Clark October 2002 In the March 2002 Legal Tech newsletter, the following article appeared. At the time it was not revealed as to the extent of the damage in the breach of security discovered in Internet Explorer.
Scanner clean-up techniques for WordPerfect and Word By Marilyn Monrose December 2002 Cleaning up scanned documents in WordPerfect is fairly easy once you know what to look for. Even though OCR technology has improved a lot over the years, there are still some things it can't do and being that WordPerfect is a code-driven program, some unexpected problems are always likely to turn up.
Scanning irreplaceable documents in case of disaster By Marilyn Monrose May 2002 Many things have changed since September 11, especially the way we do business. Law firms that resided in the World Trade Center lost untold thousands of documents. Equipping the small law office for less than $10,000 By Jeffrey S. Lisson December 2002 This is Part Two of a three-part series that discusses what you need and don't need, when to cut corners, and when to go all out when equipping a solo or small law office for under $10,000. In Part 1, Jeffrey outlined the hardware required for this endeavor. Equipping the small law office for less than $10,000 By Jeffrey S. Lisson October 2002 Technology is an amazing thing. It's also confusing and expensive. It takes time to figure out what you need, and to earn the money to buy it.
Trailing Cybercrime By James Bumgarner May 2002 Hastened by the September 11th attack on the United States, we now have in place a procedure for global cooperation in the search for crimes being planned, having been committed, and in commission.
Use the Styles By Todd H. Flaming April 2002 What's so great about a modern word processor? WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS was a great program, and there was little reason to change it.
The virtual courtroom—An update By Richard L. Turner and Sanford Morganstein December 2002 Imagine sitting in your office, contemplating matters to complete in pretrial discovery in a case pending in a county three hours away.
Xperience Windows XP By Nerino J. Petro, Jr. April 2002 The Windows latest operating system (OS) release is called Windows XP (Win XP) and comes in two versions: home and professional.