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Newsletter Articles From 2014

Case summaries By Ethel Spyratos December 2014 Recent cases that have involved technology.
From the Chair By Aaron W. Brooks March 2014 A message from Committee Chair Aaron Brooks.
From the out-going Chair By Aaron W. Brooks July 2014 A final message from 2013-2014 Committee Chair Aaron Brooks.
Hey you, get off of that cloud By Carl R. Draper July 2014 A review of Transporter, a device that advertises itself as being able to create your own private cloud service.
Highlight on Clio: Review of affordable cloud-based practice management software By Jessica C. Marshall December 2014 The author shares her experience with using Clio in her firm.
How I almost lost my daughter’s wedding fund By Hon. Adrienne W. Albrecht March 2014 The author shares her experience with identiy theft.
Illinois enacts changes in obtaining search warrants electronically By David Clark December 2014 The revised statute provides for obtaining a search warrant by oral testimony, and omits the limitations of telephone, fax, or other means to exchange sworn testimony supporting a search warrant, when circumstances make it reasonable to dispense with a sworn affidavit.
ISBA unveils exciting new Member Directory! July 2014 Make sure the other members of the ISBA know what sets you apart and can find you easily by activating your member directory profile today.
The power of Google By Nicole Sartori December 2014 To increase your chances of being found when a client is looking for your firm, and without costing you any money, the firm should have a Google+ page.
Privacy concerns related to mobile technology By Ethel Spyratos March 2014 Mobile technologies such as geo-fencing may provide enormous value to both businesses and consumers. However, the risks associated with the inappropriate dissemination of consumer information collected as a result of these technologies, can cause consumers to have concerns about their privacy.
Start-up tech for any budget By Bryan M. Sims and Nerino J. Petro, Jr. July 2014 Some thoughts on how to equip a law office for $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000.