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Newsletter Articles From 2003

Dealing with e-mail overload By Nerino J. Petro August 2003 As the pace of technology increases, so do the challenges that keeping up with these changes make on your time.
From the chair By Richard L. Turner August 2003 The subcommittee considering issues pertaining to updating courtroom technology is arranging a visit to the Federal District Court for the Northern Dist., Eastern Division, through the assistance and contacts provided committee member David Clark.
From the chair By Richard L. Turner February 2003 Digital dictation technology has, indeed, advanced significantly within the last five years. I am, in fact, dictating my column today on a digital portable dictation device: Sony's ICD-MS1 digital recorder, to be exact
Have you joined RISSNET? By James Bumgarner August 2003 If you are presently a member of VGTOF, Capps, TIA, or TIDISDM, you are also a member of RISSNET. What's good about this? If you are stopped by law enforcement, with a little bit of luck, you could be reported as a terrorist.
How to talk software By John Ellsworth February 2003 While "software" sounds like something soft and wearable, it is neither. Software is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do.
It’s the little things that count: software utilities to make your system hum By Nerino J. Petro, Jr. April 2003 Man cannot live on bread alone and a lawyer can't survive without utility programs. What am I talking about? Let's start by defining the three broad categories of software:
Office XP for law firms: A review By Adrienne W. Albrecht February 2003 One day at the courthouse, I was complaining to a friend of mine that the secretaries in my office are always happy to use an automated document or spreadsheet after I took the time to create it, but would rarely go to the trouble of creating these forms themselves.
Shackled to Microsoft: What it means to the legal profession By Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek April 2003 Hating Microsoft is easy. Almost everyone does. There may now be as many Microsoft and Bill Gates jokes as there are lawyer jokes. Digital cameras—diversion or useful tool? By Carol L. Schlein February 2003 Sometimes it's hard to think about serious issues like billing systems, litigation or case management. Equipping the small law office for less than $10,000 By Jeffrey S. Lisson February 2003 This is Part Three of a three-part series that discusses what you need and don't need, when to cut corners, and when to go all out when equipping a solo or small law office for less than $10,000. In Part 1, Jeffrey outlined the hardware required for this endeavor and In Part 2, he discussed software. No strings attached—Cutting the cord with wireless law practice By Ross L. Kodner August 2003 Those frustrating cables--they're everywhere! Intertwining and connecting seemingly plug-incompatible gadgets in our laptop cases; tangling purses and briefcases in a snakelike mass of plastic-encased cords; connecting Palms to PCs; going from headsets to cell phones; "conveniently" linking us to printers (when sometimes the cables weigh more than the laptop); stretching to scanners; retracting (or not) from telephones; coiling like a garden hose around the legs of our chairs while connecting us to a network. Seeing is (not always) believing By Arthur L. Smith April 2003 The Internet has become perhaps the most popular tool for conducting research, not only among lawyers but among other professionals as well.
Worthy of note By James Bumgarner April 2003 Volunteer your PC: Would you like to help the effort to analyze anthrax and cancer cells? To identify chemical molecules that could block the smallpox virus?