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Newsletter Articles From 2007

Can you see me now? Today’s Web conferencing By Peter Mierzwa November 2007 While Web conferencing should never completely replace face-to-face meetings as those are critical to strengthening relationships, its effective use can be a boon to productivity at the right price. This article provides a brief overview of the state of Web conferencing and some of the major service providers.
Courtroom Information Project prepares courtrooms for the future By Martin Typer November 2007 As the Ogle County Circuit Court Clerk for the 15th Judicial Circuit, in Oregon, Illinois, I was recently invited to have my court participate on a free internet Web site called the Courtroom Information Project.
Favorites By Bryan Sims September 2007 Favorites is a feature of the newsletter that highlights those programs, utilities, gizmos, gadgets, etc., that we love.
From the Chair By David B. Yavitz November 2007 The Committee on Legal Technology just concluded their participation in the ISBA’s Third Annual Solo and Small Firms Conference held at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Illinois. This year’s conference was bigger and better than ever.
From the Chair By David B. Yavitz September 2007 Greeting from Beijing, China. I write this column from my hotel room in Beijing at 5:00 in the morning, which is 4:00 PM the previous day in Chicago; I am up at this time because I can’t sleep due to the 13 hour time zone change.
From the Chair By Nerino J. Petro June 2007 Time and technology are constantly moving forward and with the passing of the past 12 months, I find myself coming to the end of my term as chairman of the Illinois State Bar’s Committee on Legal Technology (CoLT).
From the Chair By Nerino J. Petro March 2007 I am often asked by attorneys the following question: if there was one thing that they could do to improve their operations and efficiency what would I recommend?
Got questions on new technology? ISBA’s committee has the answers! By David Clark November 2007   Your questions could be regarding the use of technology in the assisting clients from the office; or in the courtroom; or even from remote locations. No questions are too simple, or if they are too hard, CoLT will scour the ether for the answer.
Houdini and Acrobat 8—Mastering the disappearing act By Peter Mierzwa March 2007 Managing metadata is an ever-present challenge for attorneys who are aware of it.
Ideas for your firm’s Web site By Peter LaSorsa March 2007 The author provides a list of things to consider when creating a new firm Web site.
Information Security for the Solo and Small Firm Attorney By Adam Nelson and Benjamin Gerber June 2007 It has become increasingly important for practicing attorneys to address information security and privacy requirements in their offices.
Remote access technology for your law practice By James A. McKenna November 2007 Remote access is the ability to retrieve and utilize electronically-stored information—including Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents, litigation databases, and scanned images—from a location outside the office.
To BlackBerry or not to BlackBerry? By Trent L. Bush June 2007 That is the question our firm recently faced as our mobile phone contracts were about to expire.
Word and WordPerfect (cue Star Wars theme music) By John Coladarci September 2007 The battle for the hearts and minds of the legal community regarding word processors continues unabated on the legal tech blogs like Technolawyer and literally hundreds of web pages and blogs dedicated solely to the topic of WordPerfect vs. Word.