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Newsletter Articles From 2012

Built like a tank By Nerino J. Petro September 2012 If you are looking for a backup drive to protect your data against theft, natural or manmade disasters, the ioSafe Solo or SoloPRO drives is a great option.
Document assembly software 101 By Trent L. Bush June 2012 An overview of software that autmates document creation, and the wide variety of providers offering different products with various capabilities.
Farming more business—Learn something from a video gamer By Jeff Krause June 2012 There is business out there, much of it just waiting for whoever simply makes the effort to pick it up.
A “fast” review of Fastcase—Pros and cons of a free (for ISBA members) tool By Abra Siegel June 2012 For the lawyer on a budget, Fastcase, in conjunction with a couple of “workarounds,” is a viable alternative to Westlaw and Lexis.
Good to be a Googler By David B. Yavitz September 2012 A Googler is defined as an employee of Google. If you are a Geek and fortunate enough to land a job at Google, you have made it to Geek Heaven.
Inexpensive technology that improves my practice By Bryan Sims January 2012 The author shares his picks for the pieces of technology that have improved his office's efficiency without breaking the bank.
An interview with Fredric Lederer, Chancellor Professor of Law and Director, Center for Legal and Court Technology, William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, Virginia By Martin Typer March 2012 Learn more about the Center for Legal and Court Technology, home of the state-of-the-art McGlothlin Courtroom.
Legal research advances By Jessica J. Burke January 2012 It is indisputable that technology has become a necessity in legal research. As technology advances it is exciting to imagine how it will further affect legal research.
Managed services may improve a firm’s technology investment By Mark Leuer February 2012 Through utilization of current technology and managing hardware and support resources, a managed service offering can deliver high-quality, well-integrated technology at high level of service with a known monthly cost, all with minimal attorney oversight. 
Message from the Chair By Alan R. Press September 2012 A message from Committee Chair Alan Press.
Message from the Chair By Peter LaSorsa June 2012 A message from Chair Peter LaSorsa.
Message from the Chair By Peter LaSorsa March 2012 A reminder to main vigilant when you are using a third party’s Internet and ensure your electronic communications are secure.
Message from the Chair By Peter LaSorsa February 2012 A message from Chair Peter LaSorsa.
Message from the Chair By Peter LaSorsa January 2012 A message from Committee Chair Peter LaSorsa.
My (virtual) road to a (real) better life By Timothy J. Storm March 2012 The author shares his reasons for transforming his practice, his concerns as he plans for the conversion, and his initial thoughts about how to proceed. 
The new iPad: Is it the game changer? By Hon. Adrienne W. Albrecht June 2012 A review of the newest iPad.
A report from MacWorld 2012 By David B. Yavitz March 2012 The author describes his experience after attending the first MacWorld Expo since Steve Jobs' death. 
Risk(eDiscover)y Business: Managing risk in ESI discovery By TJ Thurston February 2012 A look at some recent cases of sanctions and malpractice where the lawyers and/or their clients mismanaged or didn't handle EIS discovery in accordance with the rules.
The ScanSnap S1100 By Nerino J. Petro, Jr. March 2012 A review of Fujitsu's answer for a portable scanner that can be carried and used at any time.
Shift your perspective: The path to a better law practice business model By Peter Mierzwa June 2012 Some questions and examples to help you think about your business models and dedication to your clients.
Technology in practice. What works? Who gets it? By Nerino J. Petro, Jr. January 2012 With the holidays recently behind us, we take a look at some new and updated products that you can wish Santa had brought you.
Transitioning to Clio: A personal diary By Alan R. Press February 2012 How does the change to Clio affect the author's workflow on a daily basis? What benefits have been realized? What set-backs have been encountered?
Transitioning to Clio: A personal diary, part 2 By Alan R. Press March 2012 The author discusses the pleasant surprises and disappointments with Clio after a month of use.
An update on Google Analytics By Peter LaSorsa September 2012 A look at two important features of Google Analytics and why you should pay particular attention to them.
Using technology to avoid malpractice By Don Mateer February 2012 A list of the major functions of practice management software.
We’ve come a long way, i-baby By Janice L. Boback February 2012 The author highlights some of the most useful apps for the iPad both in and outside of her practice.