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Newsletter Articles From 2005

Adventures in PowerPoint By Mark Lichtenwalter December 2005 My firm, Spesia, Ayers & Ardaugh of Joliet, had an exciting year for a couple of reasons—mostly because we moved into our own brand new office building.
Authenticating e-mail for purposes of laying an evidentiary foundation By Adrienne W. Albrecht July 2005 Increasingly, modern correspondence is conducted, not with pen and paper, but through e-mail. That raises some difficult evidentiary questions.
Beside the bar By David Clark December 2005 Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. Three little words to second-guess ourselves. Let me share with you one of my “shouldas.”
Beside the bar By David Clark October 2005 Lawyers, clients, jurors and court personnel have to be aware of the changing nature of technology and the use or abuse of that technology.
Chair’s column By Adrienne W. Albrecht September 2005 As I sit here at my computer preparing for the holiday, I am struck by how much technology has simultaneously enhanced and complicated our lives.
The cyber-barbarians at the gate: Protecting your computer from security threats By Nerino J. Petro July 2005 There are numerous issues and dangers that threaten the security of your computer, your network and your data. T
E-discovery: Suggestions for outside vendor selection By Mark B. Moran October 2005 Electronic discovery, the search of an opposing party or non-party witnesses’ computers, electronic databases and/or other storage devices, is becoming commonplace in the legal arena.
Favorites October 2005 Favorites is a new feature of the newsletter that highlights those programs, utilities, gizmos, gadgets, etc., that we love.
Keeping your data safe and in your office By Adam Nelson December 2005 There is an exciting new technology that has recently been offered to both law firms as well as consumers.
Mastering and managing documents in the state-of-the-art law office By T. Roe Frazer December 2005 Document management is the most daunting challenge for today’s law office.
Tame unruly e-mail with rules By Peter Mierzwa April 2005 An overview of some solutions that users of Microsoft Outlook have available to them. Learn to filter junk e-mail and set up Rules to control how you want to deal with the onslaught of e-mail you receive each day.
Tips on keeping your network administrator happy By Trent L. Bush March 2005 If you work in an office with more than one computer, chances are they are networked.
VoIP By David B. Yavitz December 2005 VoIP replaces traditional land line phone service with a connection over the Internet.
What’s in your briefcase? By Nerino J. Petro, Jr. April 2005 For the solo practitioner, technology too often is regarded as something nice to have, but not essential-especially considering the cost to obtain and implement it.
Wireless networking: Part 2 By Nerino J. Petro March 2005 In the first part of this of this Article (January 2004, VOL. 11, NO.2), I discussed the considerations for wireless networking, including essential equipment and extras.